Product Re(a)lview: Vers Audio 2X

Product Re(a)lview: Vers Audio 2X

Oct 2, 2009

If not for the $4 licensing fee that all 3rd party manufacturers must pay to Apple to use their connectors, iPod docks would actually be a dime a dozen. There are so many to choose from at such low quality levels, that one would think these companies would just give up. It takes a sound, good company to put together a dock that delivers good sound. Vers has erupted onto the scene with their unique and conscientious apporoach to building a brand.

A few weeks ago we talked with the founder and partner of Vers Audio, David Laituri. Not the first time we've talked about Vers here.

We didn't mention the fact that we had already purchased one of their 2x systems in Walnut a few months back. We needed something to play music easily while we were having an Unplggd baby. The player would need to be small, have great sound, be deeply hooked into the iPod menu for maximum connectivity, and have a remote. We weren't even looking for sustainable products because we figured that they didn't exist anyway.

We have tried out a couple of other docks with great success and began our search with those items... but quickly discovered some price and/or quality concerns. We needed a fresh approach.

Google "iPod Dock" on the "Images" page and you will come up with a lot of choices- Vers will pop up a few times and the images always stand out. It's easy to tell at a glance that it is a wooden speaker and for those who care about sound, this is at least a start. Look a little closer and you will discover that a lot of eco sites will showcase this company's products. Even closer and you see that each speaker is hand made and takes 7 days to complete. Closer still and you discover that every detail of this product has had ridiculous attention lavished over it to insure that is exactly what it should be: simple, beautiful, great sounding, and eco-focused.

$179 to $199 + $1 to plant a tree at checkout and we had more than we expected on our door step a week later. The volume is perfect for a small room with a baby in it (does pretty well at the office too- a large studio). Warm, full, rich- qualities one would want from their music and delivered with a high level of clarity and accuracy. It's really much louder than it looks. Value is extremely high. You could do a lot worse for a lot more.

If you don't plan to use an iProduct with this system, that is ok- the volume control and power button still work on the remote and it even if you do use an iPod, you still have to be pretty close to see which song you are selecting because you are reading it off the player's screen. If you know your playlist or don't care what song is next, the remote is much easier to use. Don't take this the wrong way, this remote is easy to use but without a screen to read in your hand, navigating through menus is kind of like packing a suitcase in the dark. This will be true of almost ANY remote.

Adapters insure that no matter what Apple has convinced you to buy, it will fit in this dock. We use Nanos, iPhones, iPods and... yeah, those... in this and all work flawlessly.

We chose the Light Walnut finish because we run a little housewares company and pretty much everything we own (in the kitchen, anyway) is made from bamboo. The wood is fantastic and looks great with the drivers. The grill has a pretty pattern to it which is only visible when you take it off... funny how they did that.

The Specs are as follows:

• Energy efficient class D amplifier

• 2 - 15 watt full range speakers

• Dual rear port design for deep bass response (believe this)

• Hand crafted real wood cabinet

• Plays and charges all docking iPods

• Removable front grill

• 3.5 mm Aux-in

Pick one up on their site to get that tree planted.

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