Product Review: Boskke Sky Planter

Product: Boskke Sky Planter
Price: $30
Rating: Strong Recommend* (so far!)

It’s cold and rainy here in Seattle, but today my kitchen just got a little bit brighter. I’ve been intrigued by the Boskke Sky Planter after reading about it on Re-Nest a while back and last week my husband surprised me with a planter of my own. See how we installed it and my initial reaction after the jump!

The planter comes as a simple kit – the ceramic pot, interlocking ring, reservoir and ceiling hook. We didn’t realize that the extension kit for tall ceilings was sold separately (which includes a length of stainless steel wire and an adjustable hook), so we came up with a DIY solution using steel wire and hardware we had leftover from our dining room pendant. After deciding on the location and fastening the assembly to the ceiling, I inserted the ceramic reservoir, potting soil and a small basil plant. After compacting the dirt a bit, I then inserted the interlocking ring and flipped the whole thing upside down. (To my surprise, the dirt did not fall out!) Lastly, I filled the hollow reservoir with water – the idea is that by hanging it upside down, the water goes directly to the plant’s roots, reducing over watering.

So, my initial reaction? I love how the planter looks in the space. Not only is it an interesting focal point (and food source!), but it also saves me precious counter space. The product appears to be well-designed and of high-quality materials. Our size cost around $30, so the price does seem a bit steep for what you get (which led me to wonder, has anyone tried to DIY something similar?). I’m eager to watch it over the next several weeks and see how it does. On Boskke’s website, they have a list of suggested plants (and no, basil is not one of them). For now though, I’m viewing this as an experiment and am willing to try different types of herbs to see how they fare. After all, as much as I try to deny it, summer gardening is still several months away for this Seattleite.

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(Images: Lauren Zerbey)