Dremmel Stylus 7.2V: In The Test Lab

Dremmel Stylus 7.2V: In The Test Lab

Sarah Rae Smith
Feb 2, 2009


  • Product: Dremel Stylus 7.2V, Dremel Tool
  • Price: $69.99
  • Find it at: Target (surprisingly)
  • Rating: Strongly Recommend

    Around our home there are certain tools that get used more often than not. Specifically Dremel Tools. From crafting and vinyl toy customization to home repair, this tool in our home is a handy staple to have around. When our last one bit the dust, it was time for an upgrade. We had a list of specifics that the new one had to contain and we think we found the perfect match for our needs. Check out our full review after the jump.


    One of the main reasons this model persuaded us over the other options on the market, is how it's held. Other models make you hold onto the tool like you were trying to dremel with a banana and that's not natural for anyone. This model allows you to hold your fingers close to the area you are working on like you would use a pair of tweezers.

    In the box with the unit is: a box of bits, charging station and as expected -- instructions requesting it not to be used while intoxicated or in the bathtub (no really).

    After the initial charge of the unit we put it to work with several projects that needed attention around our home. It passed the "I don't know how I ever lived without this," test with flying colors! The only complaint we could possibly drum up pertains to the on/off switch. The switch is located on the top of the unit between your fingers. It requires two hands to turn on and off since it's just far enough away that you can't reach it with one finger while holding the tool in your hand. This isn't a major draw back by any means, just something we noticed.

    Other specifics we were looking for in a new model were easy bit changing, cordless, and size. The transition between bits is seamless and quite smooth, this model is cordless and is quite small, but big enough to feel comfortable in your hand. Because it is smaller than other units and docks in the manner it does, it allows us to leave the unit out and plugged in. It sits next to our other battery chargers for our other drills and such and blends right in.

    We picked ours up at Target for $69.99 and it's been a fantastic purchase.

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