Product Review: Method Detergent with SmartClean

Product Review: Method Detergent with SmartClean

Trent Johnson
Feb 8, 2010

Name: Method Laundry Detergent in Peony Blossom
Price: $15 for 50 loads, $8 for 25
Rating: Recommend

I'm a sucker for greener packaging so when I saw Method's new super concentrated plant-based laundry detergent in a 50% recycled plastic bottle, I had to try it out. Last week I was fortunate enough to find the new Method in the hardware store and was immediately impressed by the small size and look of the bottle.

Method is marketing their new detergent both for its green packaging with 35% smaller carbon footprint, and for its new detergent formulation with SmartClean technology. The fragrance I chose was peony blossom which, naturally, is fresh and clean smelling (not sweet nor chemically smelling). It also comes in free + clear and fresh air (in both 50 load or 25 load bottles).

Since Method works hard on their green image and products, they go out of their way to explain what's in the bottle on their website. Their detergent is "readily biodegradable, non-toxic and made using 95% natural and renewable ingredients."


For the last month, we've been finishing up a bottle of Clorox Greenworks detergent in natural lavender scent that I purchased on sale. My wife loved the smell that it left on our clothes and actually wanted to buy another bottle of it. It did a great job of cleaning our clothes and the bottle was tiny enough but nothing special. I say all this for my frame of reference in reviewing Method's new detergent. Method's detergent had our clothes just as clean (no odors and just as good a job at stain removal) but it does not impart as much scent as the Greenworks. In fact, I'm wearing a shirt right now we laundered with Method and there's hardly any noticeable scent. Now, this could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preference. For cleaning, it seems as though the plant-based Method is more than adequate and lives up to all my expectations.


As I mentioned previously, I'm most excited about the Method detergent is the packaging. Does it live up to my expectations? Yes, and then some. The bottle is tiny. In fact, if you removed the label, you might confuse it for a large hand soap dispenser. Since this more concentrated detergent allows it to clean 50 loads but fits in 36% less plastic, it's a win for the environment. Ergonomically, the bottle is adequate. It's slightly awkward to grip and pump with one hand, though Method touts "one-handed use." It's took some practice to aim and squirt accurately into our detergent tray. As a plus, however, there were no signs of drip and it makes for a very clean dispenser.

The packaging sets the Method detergent apart from others, not only in size but with its easy no-drip pump. For the laundromat user who treks down the street, arms full of clothes and detergent, it might be the perfect option. This convenience does come at price premium: most other green detergents are a dollar or two cheaper. Finally, if you prefer a detergent that leaves more scent, you might be disappointed.

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