Product Review: VTech IS6110 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

Product Review: VTech IS6110 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

Gregory Han
Jul 29, 2008

VTech sent us their newest DECT technology phone for review. Unfortunately, the phone was a Windows-only affair, so we had to enlist a PC-using friend to get the down low about his experience using the Blackberry inspired home phone. Check out his hands-on review after using the VTech IS6110 for one week below...

The good:

  • The VTech IS6110 phone's design is nice with user friendly interface/keys; the full QWERTY keyboard is an easy to use interface for anyone who is used to texting. I can pick up the phone and use it right away without referring to the instruction manual that some phones with nifty perks need. I mean in terms of IM'ing, not calling someone and answering, which is a different story.
  • Design is streamline-light. I can put it almost anywhere without it looking like an eyesore amongst my million dollar paintings and Faberge eggs [editor: more like collectible toys, Japanese mags and open cans of TAB].
  • Volume and clarity was sharp from the person speaking on the other line. Speaker phone voice quality was equally as sharp and clear and the the DECT tech keeps wi-fi interference in check.

The not so good:

  • Initially, the instructions mentioned I required a DSL filter, which of course was not included. However, I actually didn't need one because my outlet automatically splits and separates the two lines - 1 for DSL, the other for the phone. I didn't know that until later.
  • The VTech IS6110 doesn't have a built in voice mail/answering machine function. That's really what I needed another phone for so I was a little disappointed that it didn't have one. So this phone cannot be your primary phone (unless you use the phone company voice mail service). But it does include a 50 name and number phone book directory, so at least I can call back easily.
  • The following is personal to my lifestyle so it may or may not pertain to the general population. When I'm home, I am online 95% of the time. Even if I go to the kitchen to cook or take a shower, I leave it on and maybe have my away message up. However, if you have the instant messaging software activated on the phone, you have to shut off aol/aim (in my case) on your computer. The phone's IM service and your PC's IM won't work simultaneously which is not practical for me. If I'm not in front of my computer, it generally means I busy doing something else without the necessity to IM with people. And if I need to be contact with someone while not in front of my computer, we could just call each other. Maybe someone else has the need to instant message with people when they're away from their computer but personally, I don't. I guess if you live in a very large house and need some privacy or maybe your sibling is using the computer (but not MSNing or AIMing) than there's practical use for it. But as a single guy, not really.

A special thanks to my friend Bill for the hands-on review. His search for a new home phone continues...

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