Product Review: ZeroWater Pitcher & Filter

Product Review: ZeroWater Pitcher & Filter

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 16, 2010

Name: ZeroWater Pitcher & Filter
Price: $35 (Purchased at Target)
Rating: Strong Recommend*

Remember last week when I mentioned that the water running into my home was undrinkable and I've been hauling in bottled water? Even though we're looking into more permanent options, we've found a temporary solution that has swooped in like Superman to save the day...or at least the water!

First Reactions
In the past we've tried other pitcher filters to lend a hand with our water problem, and in most residences they've worked out quite well. When we moved into our new home in Kansas City, KS, we found our old filter systems didn't hold a candle to the funk that was our tap water.

Our entire neighborhood brings in bottled water, and I'm still astonished that I suddenly find myself in a category of people who don't have potable drinking water (though technically we could drink it and not die or catch a disease, but you're better than us if you can get past the smell). We took one more cruise down the filtration aisle at Target as a new product came to our attention: Zerowater.

The bottle is rather spaceship-ey in form and has a pour spout from the back of the pitcher at the base of the unit. We were intrigued and figured testing it out couldn't hurt (as long as we kept our store receipt). Home it went and after the small assembly of the filtration unit, we had drinkable water. DRINKABLE WATER! We wanted to shout it from the rooftops and sprint through the neighborhood to tell everyone! But a few things are holding us back from doing so and here's why...

Notes On Usage:
The ZeroWater pitcher and filter don't appear to be all that different from other pitcher filtration systems (aside from having a larger and more expensive filter), but the one thing it does offer is the ability to measure the amount of particulates in your water. Each unit comes with a TDS meter (which stands for Total Dissolved Solids) that measures the amount of dissolved substances in parts per million in the water being tested.

We like science, so we set to work. We set up a glass with water from our tap, a bottle of water and a glass of water that we filtered through the ZeroWater unit. We measured each, and as you can see from the photos above, the filter works!

According to the chart included in the unit (pictured above) we have pretty icky water coming from our tap and the filter took it right down to ZERO! We measured a bottle of water, assuming it should read the same as filtered water, and read a surprising 48. According to the enclosed literature, that could be re-filtered to improve its taste!

But How Long Will A Filter Last?
According to the chart above, our water will only be reading 000 for roughly 8 small gallons. With a 2 pack of filters pricing out at $29.99 at Target, this obviously is less economical than bringing in bottled water (even if it's more earth-friendly). Our attention turned to a bit of literature at the bottom of the water chart that stated I should call for more economical options if your water is especially bad. So I did!

After a hold through some rather painful big band elevator music, I was finally told that their economical solution was to offer me a 4 pack of filters for $45.99 that would be directly shipped to my home every 60, 90, 120 days without a shipping cost. Admittedly, that's less expensive than buying a 4-pack at Target which retails for $59.99, but comparing costs I noticed I could buy an 8 pack of filters for only $89.99. This is more cost effective than the option that the ZeroWater company provided me and actually takes the filter price back down around what Brita sells theirs for.

We've used our filter for more than 8 gallons and it's still reading below the TDS that our bottle water read. It's not the cheapest solution for our home, as obviously something that filters the water before it hits the main line is the best option. But until we find the one that works for us, we can at least brush our teeth again without feeling queasy.

Purchasing & Company Information
Check out all the ZeroWater options available at Target from their website and see if one fits your needs or hit up the ZeroWater website to learn more about their patented filters or other questions about the process of testing your own water!

Also, check out Unplggd's review of ZeroWater here.

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