Product Review: Zum Laundry Soap by Indigo Wild

Product Review: Zum Laundry Soap by Indigo Wild

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 10, 2010

Name: Zum Clean Aromatherapy Laundry Soap (Sweet Orange)
Price: $21
Rating: Strong Recommend*

Although we've talked about great eco-friendly laundry options in the past, but I've never really been a convert to any one in particular... until now. I've tried them all and haven't found one that I truly preferred over the others. Recently, a local Kansas City company wooed me with their soap that makes even the most overly perfumed laundromat smell like you're hanging out in an orange tree.

For the time being I'm making a trip to the laundromat twice a month, and while I greatly enjoy washing everything I own in less than two hours, I don't appreciate the lingering smells that come home with my clothes. Where I live in Kansas City, Kansas our water isn't the greatest (which I'll share with you in another post), and it physically leaves a smell on your "clean" clothes. Because of this, most families at the laundromat use highly perfumed soaps and fabric softeners to mask it. Many green cleansers have wonderful smells themselves, but aren't enough to conquer the sunny-meadow-midnight-breeze-sport-peach-sunrise concoction that's already going on in the washing machines at my disposal.

Although I'm not looking for something so strong that when I walk in a room heads turn because I'm upwind from the patrons around me, I have been looking for a true, clean smell that conquers our bad water and other scents picked up at the laundromat... and of course gets my clothes clean as well.

A local company Indigo Wild has been releasing their Zum products across the metro for quite sometime, and for whatever reason I've never picked them up until this past weekend. A quick run into the grocery store and I was armed with Sweet Orange Laundry Soap. Two hours later I had a mini van (yeah, it's a sweet ride, be jealous) filled to the brim with pure orange loveliness that didn't smell purfumey... just lovely.

Once I returned home I had a more thorough opportunity to examine the clothes I had just feverishly washed. They were clean, smelled great and have made my closet and bedroom resemble an orange grove ever since (in that good way, not that gaggy-car-air-freshener kind of way).


Notes On Usage:
The 64oz. bottle purchased will do 64 loads in a HE washer and 32 in a top loading model. You can adjust the amount per load size, though when I used the double and triple loaders at the laundromat, I didn't completely double or triple the amount of soap I used (meaning it will go even further than 64 loads... sweet).

Because of its ingredients it acts as a natural fabric softener, making it perfect for those who line dry, or people like me who when winter rolls around get zapped by static in the dryer to the point of tears (especially at the laundromat).

I washed whites, darks, and delicates all with the same bottle and I'm assuming that because of its earth-friendly ingredient list it will also take on baby clothes like a champ. Overall, I was ridiculously happy with the purchase and am excited to try out their other scents— (Frankincense-Myrrh, Lavender, Eucalyptus-Citrus and Patchouli).

You can order Zum cleaning products (they carry liquid and bar soaps as well as a plethora of other skin care products) online or in a store near you. If you're looking for more information on Indigo Wild, I suggest reading their company page. It's as entertaining as it is informational and makes you feel great about supporting a company that handmakes, hand pours and hand bottles all of their products!

Buy Sweet Orange Zum Laundry Soap Here!

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