7 Cool Products That Make WFH Way More Comfortable

updated Aug 28, 2020
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September is the classic time to upgrade your workspace: Summer is over, school is back in session, and in a way, it feels like you’re starting a new “work year,” too. There are plenty of office products out there to improve your WFH setup, both aesthetically and functionally, but if you want to find some really high-quality, high-tech options all in one place, try The Grommet. The brand scours the world and the web for unique, innovative products from small businesses and independent makers, then tests them, and sells only the very best stuff online—to you! Below, we rounded up some of the coolest office products that will instantly take your work situation from OK to outstanding.

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The Grommet

No doubt you’ve seen tons of lap desk options all over the internet that promise to make your WFH situation more workable. But have you seen one that packs so much function into such a minimal frame? This stand has room for both your laptop and a mouse, and two adjustable arms let you raise it to the perfect height and angle. That means even if you’re lying completely horizontal on the couch, you can set this bad boy at just the right angle to keep your neck pain free and your arms relaxed.

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The Grommet

It’s Friday. You’ve got some work to get done, but you want to treat yourself to a more "casual" type of work day. What you need is the right seating option. Enter the Bean Bag Lounger, the supportive but cushiony chair hybrid you’ve been looking for! It’s a great place to plop down and put in a few hours or to read during your lunch break. Doesn’t really matter how you use it, the point is it’s there when you’re sick of the desk chair.

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The Grommet

You’ve heard of ergonomic chairs, desks, and even keyboards. But did you know you can get an ergonomic mouse? If you’ve got any concerns about carpal tunnel syndrome or other repetitive-use injuries, you might want to consider investing in this one. Its vertical design encourages your hand to sit in a natural handshake position, putting less strain on your wrist. You can adjust four different aspects of the mouse to make it perfectly fit your hand, and it works with both PCs and Macs. Plus, you can choose between a wired or wireless mouse.

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The Grommet

A standing desk can make a big difference in your workday. If you’re ready to upgrade but don’t want to drop too much money, this adjustable standing desk does the trick. Just set the system on top of your desk, squeeze the lever on the side to lift the desk to the desired height (between 3 and 14 inches), then release the lever to lock it into place. The surface is just under 28 inches wide by 20 inches high, so there’s plenty of space for your laptop, notepad, and other office items. Best of all? It costs less than $100.

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The Grommet

This is the tool you never knew you needed. It props up your laptop to maintain good air flow and improve your typing angle, and when you’re done, it becomes a nifty little clip for your charging cords. That’s three tools in one, all for just $13!

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The Grommet

Whether you’re on the go or you just like flexibility in your work setup, this laptop stand is perfect for keeping you mobile. Made of polyester and high-density cardboard, it has an origami-like design that lets it fold open into a tiered stand that can support over 20 times its own weight—so no worries about it collapsing under your laptop. When the day is done or you just don’t feel like standing anymore, fold it flat and tuck it away until next time.

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The Grommet

This upgraded ergonomic mouse has an angled pad that keeps your wrists propped and your fingers on a roller bar at the top of the pad. Just twist the bar toward or away from you to scroll with ease. No worries about the roller bar being hard to control; it’s got tracking technology that adapts to your scrolling pace so you can keep things moving without a hitch.