Smart Products to Keep Plants Hydrated & Healthy

updated May 4, 2019
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(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

Houseplants have many benefits, from purifying the air to adding color, texture, and interest to the home. They can also provide much needed winter therapy for those of us that garden in climates not suitable for year-round gardening. Here’s an array of products designed to help you give optimal care to your beloved plants, regardless of the color of your thumb.


2. Haw’s Indoor Watering Can, Williams Sonoma, $89.95. Designed by Londoner, John Haws, a perfectly balanced hand-pieced copper watering can. A statement “watering pot” meant to be used, but beautiful enough to be kept on display.
3. Moisture Sensor Meter, Amazon, $7.14. This moisture meter measures the moisture content of the soil and lets you know when it’s time to water. Perfect for forgetful minds or those with black thumbs.
4. Ornamental Potting Stone, Terrain, $12. Decorative and functional, these stones can create a drainage layer for terrariums, be used decoratively as a topper (as well as to keep cats and dogs out of your soil), or be placed in humidity trays.
5. Polished Copper Trays in Rectangle or Round, Terrain, $12-30. Stylish bases for cloches and pots alike, these copper trays will save your tables and sills from damage and can also be used as humidity trays. I prefer copper trays because they will develop a lovely patina over time.


6. Smith & Hawken Glass Plant Mister, Target, $12.99. For those humidity-loving plants, try this retro-designed glass and bronze mister.
7. Tabletop Grow Light, Gardener’s Supply, $149. A space-saving tabletop light stand for house plants, seed starting, and herbs. Adjustable design with a full-spectrum light. Perfect addition for homes with inadequate light.
8. Power Strip with Timer, Gardener’s Supply, $34.95. If you have a grow-light setup, then you need a programmable timer.
9. Threshold Wheeled Round Plant Stand, Target, $12.99. For large plants or trees, a wheeled plant stand makes them easier to move around, clean behind, rotate, and helps save floors.
10. Worm Castings – 8 Quarts, Green Planet Naturals, $19.99. If you don’t compost with worms, then you have no idea what your plants are missing out on! Fortunately, you can purchase worm castings, which are a perfect natural soil amendment. Your plants will thank you.


11. General Hydroponics Go Box Starter Kit, Amazon, $42.95. A line of organic fertilizers and supplements formulated with botanical extracts and natural minerals. Designed to improve growth, blooms, yields, flavor and fragrance, all in handy kit at an exceptional price.
12. Grow More Premium Orchid Fertilizers, Orchid Light, $9.95. If orchids are your plant of choice, try these premium water-soluble fertilizers for both epiphytic and terrestrial orchids. With a line of four different products, they help take the guesswork out of which fertilizer you need for each variety and at what time of year. My personal favorite.
13. Terrarium Tool Set, Sprout Home, $43.50. You can easily DIY your own set, but if you have terrariums, these small tools will come in handy when it’s time to remove dead plant matter or switch out plants.
14. The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual, Amazon, $14.98. Every house plant enthusiast should own at least one good book on how to care for your plants. This book contains in-depth plant profiles so you can identify the cause and remedies for common problems.
15. Koubachi App, iTunes, Free. If you’re striving for a green thumb, maybe a personal assistant is exactly what you need. This app will help you with general care for your plants, as well send you notifications for things like watering and fertilizing.