Professional DJ Controllers for Computers

Turntables may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean DJ equipment’s going anywhere. With so much music on the internet today, it’s never been easier to become your own DJ. Although we’ve rounded up a couple of digital DJ equipment earlier this month, today give you our top DJ controller pickings for 2010, arranged in descending order so you can find the right piece of equipment that’s fit for your budget.


1. Traktor Kontrol S4 ($899): It doesn’t come cheap, but this is by far the best DJ controller we’ve seen yet. The layout of the buttons are perfect, the build quality surpasses anything we’ve seen, and a professional software package, you’ll be able to take your DJ game from the home into clubs with no issues at all.
2. Vestax VCI-300 MKII ($799): Small and portable, this is the highest performance package with the lightest footprint. The layout and controls are nice, responsive, and the ability to run your iPod into it via the AUX input is a definite plus. A sexy, sturdy design completes this killer setup.
3. Numark Mixtrack Pro ($250): A light and easy to use package with two large and sensitive decks and a slew of modifier options, you can beat juggle and get your mixing on, all under $250.
4. Vestax Spin ($250): Still one of the best entry-level DJ setups, it comes with everything you need to start practicing in your living room. Although we aren’t so much into the plastic, toy-like design, the ability to get everything up in running like a DJ has never been easier with the Vestax Spin.

Got a recommendation for digital DJ controllers and equipment? Let us know your setup below!