How To Make a Draft Dodger From a Pair of Pants

How To Make a Draft Dodger From a Pair of Pants

Nov 10, 2010
(Welcome to MaryAnne, who's trying out for a spot on our editorial team. Enjoy!)

If the winter winds have yet to lick at your doorstop be warned, the time is nigh! In our impressively cold Montreal apartment blocking drafts to keep the brutal cold out is a must. Rather than the old-rolled-towel-trick, I fancied a more attractive alternative this year. The solution presented itself as I tried on a forgotten pair of pants that had been tucked away amongst bits and bobs and blankets.

These were a pair on on-the-fencers, not sure about the cut of the leg, some wear in places - though the top portion fit well enough. Certainly, I could get a dainty pair of shorts out of them, (the seasonal inappropriateness of the project only meant it didn't have to be added to my never ending to-do list for a few months). As for the leftover legs? An immediately useful fate: Diy-Draftstop!

What You Need

This simple project ups the ante of an anti-chill standard. You will need the following:


old pants
sorry lookin' blanket or towel
tape measure
hot glue + gun
sewing machine + thread
drafty door


1. Measure threshold of the drafty door in question

2. Try on the pants, decide if they are worth making into shorts! If this is a horrid idea, go to step 4!

3. Lay the pants on a flat surface, measure desired length of shorts, cut 1 inch longer than this for hem, and be sure to leave enough leg to make the draftstop!! Add shorts-to-be to the pile of things-to-do for later.

4. Cut the pant legs on a flat surface using this formula: Threshold measurement / 2 = length of one pant leg + 1" seam allowance.

5. Flip one leg inside out, insert it into the other leg, making sure the seams are lined up. Pin around the top (cut) edge.

6. Remove the extension table on the sewing machine and stitch legs together.

7. Flip right-side-out to reveal a tube shape. Measure width and length of this new uni-leg-casing,(minus the space of the cuffs). Fold towel/blanket to the approx. size of the casing, trim excess.

8. Feed the "stuffing" from one end of the casing, and pull it through gently from the other.

9. Top-stitch the ends shut just above the cuff/hem.

10. Embellish with bootlace "brrrrrr." Form each letter and hot glue as you go.

11. Dodge the drafts!

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(Images: MaryAnne Petrella)

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