Project Planning: Chinoiserie Papered Powder Room

Project Planning: Chinoiserie Papered Powder Room

Janel Laban
Aug 19, 2010

I've always liked tiny powder rooms with an all-over pattern on the walls - it is, as Mr. Gunn would say, a lot of look, but one that works for me in these small, often dark rooms. We have a small powder room with no source of natural light off of the main room in our new place and I've decided to take the leap and go the wallpaper route as a way to brighten and dress up a currently too bland space.

At first, I considered only doing one wall in a patterned paper, but I really like the intensity of the all-over efffect. What the room does have going for it is a high ceiling so I'm not concerned about the pattern closing in things in an uncomfortable way.

Choosing the place to start was a no brainer - I like Thibaut's papers and I knew that they made a great selection of fun traditional-ish chinoserie patterns that have been updated in more modern colorways - exactly what I know I want. The deal was sealed when I saw that one of the patterns I was considering, Ting Yuan, came in a subtle gold metallic - it would add a glow and luminosity to the room that is lacking in light.

Then, a week or so later, I found a photo at House Beautiful that features a similar scaled pattern with a similar vanity in a powder room which added a little fuel to the fire under the project, spurring me on to find out just what this makeover might entail.

After waiting on one design showroom here in Chicago to get back to me with any info on availability or price (for over a week!), I moved on to a second showroom, who had the pricing info (thankfully, more reasonable then I was fearing) and a sample on the way to me within an hour (now THAT is customer service).

Some of you might remember this room from a post where I was thinking about painting the vanity black - I still think that is the direction I will go in, but figured getting the wallpaper in first would be the wise way to go - the white vanity might work better once the walls are decorated.

The sample should arrive from Thibaut by the weekend and then the final decision will have to be made - I've got my fingers crossed that I like the look as much in "real life" as I do in my mind's eye!

Images: Janel Laban, Thibaut, House Beautiful

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