How To Turn Your Nightstand Tech Nightmare Into a Dream

How To Turn Your Nightstand Tech Nightmare Into a Dream

Joelle Alcaidinho
Feb 23, 2011

If your nightstand is anything like ours, it has a slight tech problem. Like our apartment, our nightstand is small, and like our apartment, it also has a problem not looking like a hot cluttered mess. After yet another squabble over the bedside outlet with our partner we realized the time had come to get our "nightstand house" in order.

1. Needs & Wants
While we would love to have a large space to stow all of the tech we want handy, that was just not in the cards for us. What this meant is that an honest conversation was needed, what things do we need to have bedside and what can we find another home for? The simple fact is geeks in love have quite a bit of tech and there is really no escaping this. We both use our phones as alarm clocks since we have different schedules, and we both have a habit of late night reading on our devices. While finding a good dock definitely can help, compromise and cutting back go the longest way when it comes to the coveted charging space.

2. The Difference a Dock Makes
Finding a small dock that would accommodate the variety of devices we wanted to plug in was a bit of a challenge. We ultimately settled on the IDAPT i4 because of its small footprint and variety of charging plugs. It's easy to customize the dock exactly for what we need to charge and to pop out and in the right adapter when the needs change, which is great news for a home with 6 iOS devices, 1 Kindle, and 3 battery charging packs.

3. Choose Multi-Tasking Accessories
With a small space, every inch counts which means there really is very little space for uni-taskers. We chose the Bluelounge Nest because it would not only function as an iPad stand, but it would also work to collect the items which are usually scattered on the nightstand surface.

4. Small Accessories Can Make a Big Difference
One of the biggest headaches we had with our messy nightstand was wire management for the heated blanket, this problem was solved with a few CableDrops from Bluelounge. The small CableDrops are just the right size to wrangle our wires right where we need them to without taking much surface real estate.

5. Take One Item Away
After we cleaned off the nightstand surface and put our items back in the new docks, one i4 and one Black Diamond dock, wrangled our wires, and set up the stand, we took some time to evaluate if we accomplished what we set out to. Sadly, the answer was no. While we thought the Black Diamond dock with it's app color light show and Epcot like looks was fun, it really was a bit of a space hog on the nightstand and had to go. While it would have been nice to have the dock to hold another iPhone, it really did not make much sense for the amount of space it took up. The Black Diamond instead took up new residence living room desk side.

While many might still find our nightstand a bit of a tech nightmare, it fits our needs and looks much better while doing it, which is pretty dreamy to us.

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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