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Kraftmaid Has a Secret Outlet That Sells Kitchen Cabinets for Cheap
We're talking deep, deep discounts... but are you cut out for the experience?
Jun 28, 2018
The Cost of Painting Kitchen Cabinets Depends on These 3 Things
To DIY or not to DIY? That is the question. That is almost always the question. You can certainly paint your kitchen cabinets yourself. As long as you know that it’s a labor- and time-intensive job that, if done wrong, can be a pretty big screwup.
Jun 25, 2018
These Quick Dollar Store Crafts Only Look Expensive
Although dollar stores are known for their cheap and handy things, they don’t spring to mind as a source for stylish decor. But should they? See how a quick trip, and an even quicker DIY project, can improve the look of your home. Katie of Little House of Four made this farmhouse mirror from a… wait for it… $1 stove burner from Dollar Tree and an inexpensive beveled round mirror from a craft store. She has a series of dollar store DIYs that are worth checking out.
Jun 20, 2018
The $10 Way to Tame Your Bedroom’s Biggest Trouble Spot
Every home has its trouble spots, and clothing piles are a big one in many bedrooms.
Jun 14, 2018
8 Cheap But Chic Ideas to Refresh Your Tired Living Room
We’ve turned the clocks forward, the days are longer (and hopefully warmer where you are), and time finally feels like it is in our favor. It’s time to shake off the cozy winter decor, and let your home project a new, lighter mood. Change the tone with a little living room refresh, starting with these eight easy, budget ideas. If you’ve swapped your flannel bed sheets for linen, carry the spring textiles over to the living room as well.
Apr 22, 2018
The Genius Reason To Put Nail Polish on Your Window Screens
Is it nice enough where you live to open the windows yet? There’s nothing like warm, fresh spring air flowing through your previously closed-up house. Of course, then the bugs come. Because, no matter how much you enjoy those cross-breezes, insects will eventually, inevitably make their way through any teeny tiny holes in your screens, and there goes all your enjoyment out the window. Here’s some good news!
Apr 16, 2018
The 10 Best IKEA Bed Hacks of All Time
Professional looking projects, at amateur prices.
Apr 4, 2018
12 Epic High-End IKEA Hacks That Totally Had Us Fooled
These pieces only look expensive.
Mar 26, 2018
Before and After: This $200 Peel-N-Stick Kitchen Redo is All Sorts of Amazing
This project has so much going for it: it was done for less than $200! It was done in a rental! It features faux DIY granite countertops and a covetable KitchenAid! (Mixer obviously not included in the $200 total.) Click through and get dangerously inspired. I love this! The pink + celadon + white + gold combination is comfortingly and charmingly vintage, but the clean lines of the cabinet doors, handles, and subway tiles keep things modern.
Mar 5, 2018
11 Mini Weekend Makeovers Anyone Can Pull Off For Cheap
It doesn't take a lot of time, or a lot of money, to make a big impact.
Mar 2, 2018
Before and After: A Dramatic “Renovation Free” Kitchen Redo
Although Charlotte says, “A full kitchen renovation was never in our budget,” you’ll be astounded by the changed appearance of this “renovation-free” kitchen. With a few clever moves and a lot of paint, it went from super ’70s to marvelously modern. Check out what it looks like now… Wow! This makeover was done by Charlotte of At Charlotte’s House, and the most dramatic changes were the painting of the cabinets and walls (au revoir, chartreuse!
Feb 19, 2018
Before and After: An Unbelievable $5K Kitchen Renovation
This kitchen has an enviable amount of storage, but that same storage — the hanging cabinets — make the room feel a bit claustrophobic and dark, and make the counters less accessible than would be ideal.
Feb 14, 2018
Before & After: A Remarkable $1,300 Kitchen Facelift
We feature a lot of amazing kitchen projects, but this kitchen makeover might just have the very best dollars-to-damn ratio yet. It went from oh-so-’70s to totally timeless, thanks to some hard work, tile bravery, and some stickers. So charming! I love the interplay of the hexagonal tiles of the backsplash and the ornately patterned floor tiles. The combination of black, white, grey, and stainless is fresh and modern, while the wood counters add warmth and coziness.
Jan 29, 2018
The Genius Way Six Renters Made Themselves Happier at Home
These six renters all have something in common. Each had high hopes for their homes, and they all invested some time and money into making their apartments match their lifestyles, priorities and interests. They weren’t huge projects or costly renovations, just little tweaks and changes that each tenant did to make themselves happier at home. When they moved into their Chicago home, Joe and Kim started coming up with new ways to make their space look and feel great. A big priority? Plants.
Jan 18, 2018
These IKEA Hacks Will Dominate 2018: A Top 10 Countdown
Here's our top 10 countdown of predictions....
Jan 3, 2018
The Best Budget Kitchen Transformations of 2017, All Well Under $1000
Think a new kitchen is currently out of reach? If yours is bringing you down, but you don’t have the means to do a full renovation, don’t give up too soon. These budget renovations all cost under $1,000 (and some well, well under that) and prove beyond a shadow of doubt that you don’t need a wad of money to give your kitchen a brand new look. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of paint, a little bit of elbow grease, and some good ideas. Use these five as inspiration.
Dec 28, 2017
7 IKEA Closets that Look Like a Million Bucks
If you’ve ever priced custom closets, you know that they cost a lot. Like, a whole whole lot. But the good news is that you don’t have to spend a million bucks (or even a thousand) to get a closet that looks like a million bucks. Your secret weapon for custom-ish closets? IKEA.
Dec 11, 2017
Before & After: A Mini Yet Mighty Rental Kitchen Makeover
Samantha’s little apartment is only about 500 square feet and it’s a rental. She wanted to make some minor changes, without putting a bunch of money into the makeover. Then she got the best news that an ambitious renter can possible get in their lifetime: when Samantha moves out, the apartment is getting renovated by the owners. Which meant it was carte blanche time! Samantha’s 1925 original kitchen had so much potential, but was a little on the lackluster side.
Dec 7, 2017
These IKEA Hacks Will Inspire You to Re-Imagine Your Step Stool
Step. Up. Your. Step. Stool. Game.
Nov 19, 2017
Unexpectedly Chic: 6 Super Stylish DIY Ideas Using Bungee Cords
Flexible and fun inspiration for your upcoming DIY projects.
Jul 18, 2017
Here’s The Secret to Saving Money on New Appliances
Shopping for a new appliance can easily feel like an overwhelming whirlwind of features and rebate offers and extended warranties, bringing up crucial questions like, “Do I really need a wifi-connected fridge?” and “Why do I get a free knife set when I buy this dishwasher?” To help you navigate all of the deals and dodge the hidden fees, here are seven simple tips for saving money on appliances.
Mar 23, 2017
Fantastic IKEA Storage Hacks You Totally Need to See
Most people think of storage pieces as a bit of a necessary evil. Nobody gets excited about chests of drawers or towel bars — or do they? We love a good IKEA hack, and we especially love IKEA hacks that turn hardworking furniture that expands the storage capacity of your space into a statement piece that makes the room. The result of these projects is the best of all possible worlds — furniture that’s budget-friendly, functional, and also beautiful.
Mar 19, 2017
Find Free Art: 7 Secret Sources for Photos, Illustrations and Patterns
After you shell out cash for furniture, rugs, sconces and duvet covers, the thought of paying even more for artwork is overwhelming. We hear you! But if you aren’t artistic enough to draw or paint your own art, adorn those empty walls with free photos, illustrations and patterns that are up for grab online. Here are seven of our favorite, less-than-well-known sources to score free images. The only cost is the frame.
Mar 4, 2017
Budget Friendly Fixes for a Sad Sad Sofa
Your sofa is the centerpiece of your living room, and maybe your whole home, so you want it to look nice. Unfortunately, a sofa is also one of the most expensive furniture purchases you can make, and sometimes buying a new one just isn’t in the cards. Whether your sofa is saggy and sad, or just plain ugly, we’ve got some suggestions for budget-friendly ways to give it new life — and a new look.
Oct 31, 2016
The 7 Swoon-Worthiest Shipping Container Homes
I think part of the reason shipping container houses are so appealing is that building a house from shipping containers is like the grown-up equivalent of making a really sweet fort from cardboard boxes — you have succeeded in making something awesome from something that you just found, something that would otherwise be in the trash. (Of course, the actual reality of shipping container homes is a bit more complicated than that — but there’s no denying they have a certain draw.
Oct 26, 2016
The Best Things You Can Do to Your Bathroom for Under $100
Bathrooms usually need the most work, but simple sounding changes can quickly tally into a 4-figure bill. When your budget’s not ready for a remodel, set your sights on smaller DIYs you can tackle yourself. Grab a Benjamin and a basic tool kit—here are 7 projects to easily take on this weekend. The magical powers of a single gallon of paint never ceases to amaze me.
Oct 13, 2016
Stacy Covered Her Rental Countertop With Contact Paper & This Is What Happened
Stacy’s rental bathroom started out just fine. She had white and grey tile floors, a grey-blue wall color, and a white pedestal sink. The bathroom was tiny, but there was a separate counter and mirror from the sink, with plenty of space to store her products. The only trouble was the green countertops, which made the bathroom feel dark and dingy despite it being light everywhere else.
Oct 6, 2016
7 Ways To Add Character to a Cookie Cutter Home
We can’t all live in a gorgeous Haussmannien building on the left bank of the Seine. In fact, some of us have to live in effective but uninspiring homes with little to no architectural detail whatsoever. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. In fact, there’s a lot you can do, even if you live in the most boring of houses, to add a little character to your space. Check out these 7 DIY projects. Add a ceiling medallion.
Sep 15, 2016
9 Ways to Upgrade Your Existing Floors For As Little As $50
If you hate your floors, but are a little short on cash, I’ve got good news. A new floor can cost a ton of money — but it doesn’t have to. Here are nine budget-friendly ideas for upgrading your existing floors so you can get a whole new look without spending a whole lot of money. This vinyl floor cloth, demonstrated by designer Kerra Michele Huerta in an article from the Washington Post, is a great option for renters as well as homeowners on a budget.
Aug 25, 2016
Fill In Your First Apartment, Fast: 7 Larger-Than-Life Wall Art DIY Ideas (On a Little Budget)
Believe it or not, this may be the year we say goodbye to the gallery wall, and hello to oversized statement-making wall art. The trick to large-scale pieces that won’t bring you over budget is mixing in some simple DIY magic. Whether you order an engineering print of a favorite vacation photo or turn your grandmother’s vintage fabric into a wall hanging—all of these ideas take what you love and place them front-and-center in your home.
Jun 2, 2016
8 Easy DIY Ways To Power Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal
Curb appeal is about your home’s first impression—the face it presents to the world (and to you, when you come home every day). And while you may think of your home’s exterior as something that’s difficult to change without investing a lot of money and time, there are actually quite a few (really simple, DIY) things you can do to enhance your home’s curb appeal—many of them without even picking up a hammer.
May 19, 2016
9 Easy Ways to Transform Your Furniture with Washi Tape
Want to add a little pizazz to your furniture without the trouble of painting? Washi tape is a fun (and inexpensive!) way to dress up boring furniture — and if you ever get tired of your new look, you can just peel it off and start again. Above: Washi tape makes for a colorful (and super quick) chair makeover, as seen on Lonny. The folks at Brit + Co. used washi tape to add kicky stripes to a plain white dresser.
May 18, 2016
Wall-Mounted Shelving Systems You Can DIY
One of my favorite small space hacks is swapping your bookcases for wall-mounted shelving. We’ve created roundups of wall mounted shelving systems before, but for those of you who are especially crafty there are also plenty of DIY options. Here are eight different DIY ways to turn a blank wall into a storage mecca. Above: Dabito from Old Brand New used components available at the hardware store to create this wall-mounted shelving system, which includes a desk.
May 13, 2016
DIY Ideas for Making a Home on a New Grad’s Budget
Living the budget life is not easy and college grads know this more than anyone! During this exciting (read: stressful) phase of your life, having a cozy home that feels like your own space is so essential! After all, you need somewhere to kick up your feet after a busy day of chasing your dreams. If you’re on a budget, how can you create a beautiful home that’s not a mishmash of hand-me-down furniture? Here are some DIY ideas to help you stay on budget AND create a home you love.
May 2, 2016
Little Life Savers: Clever IKEA Hacks for Small Spaces
We love good IKEA hacks and even more so when they solve small space problems.
Apr 13, 2016
7 Ways to Upgrade IKEA Picture Frames
Want to give those plain old IKEA frames a little extra bit of pizazz? Of course you do! Here are seven creative (and very inexpensive!) ways to dress them up using paint, tape, and a variety of creative techniques. Above: All it takes is a little spray paint to add gold corners, and a little touch of glam, to a RIBBA frame. DIY from Repolished.
Apr 13, 2016
7 Creative Ways To Use the $3.99 IKEA SIGNE Rug
IKEA’s SIGNE rugs are a bargain at $3.99 each, and are a durable (and washable) material that’s handy for tons of DIY projects. See how easy it is to take one of these simple striped flat-weave rugs and turn it into something else entirely. If you need something long, try stitching a few together to make an elongated runner. Clara (in the lead image above) also embellished hers with some felt leaves. IKEA itself suggests turning their striped goodies into floor pillows.
Mar 7, 2016
20+ Creative DIY Headboard Ideas
Make your headboard the main attraction of your bedroom.
Nov 4, 2015
IKEA + Contact Paper = DIY Magic
There are so many ways to customize your IKEA furniture, but here’s one that’s really, really easy: contact paper. And lest you were convinced that contact paper is weird and tacky and always looks terrible, these ten projects are here to prove you wrong. Above: Blogger Jonathan Lo, of Happy Mundane, bought his IKEA desk in a birch finish, but wanted something a little darker that would match his vintage midcentury furniture.
Sep 10, 2015
Before & After: Coffee Cart Gets Shelved
If you’re a caffeine junkie, coffee stations are a great way to streamline your morning. Yet, Anna wasn’t jiving with her java setup. So she gave this area a free makeover by removing things and shopping her home: From Anna: The original look of our coffee station wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. I loved the bar cart, but the wood surfaces, brown mirror, wooden objects, and wood floor was just too much brown!
May 19, 2015
Before & After: The Totally Transformed, Under $50 Fireplace Makeover
The dark-and-orangey fireplace in Amber’s living room was not her style. With a little ingenuity, she managed to give it a lovely light facelift, for under $50. From Amber: When we first moved into our house it was dark! Dark walls, dark trim and a big boxy and dark fireplace with orange tile. Not exactly our style. We’ve been diligently working to lighten everything up, but the biggest eyesore was also the main focal point of the living room – the fireplace!
Mar 9, 2015
Before & After: A Manhattan Bathroom Redo
You’ve probably seen a lot of bathrooms like this: not great, not terrible, just so-so. First-time Manhattan homeowners Hafeeza and her husband were planning on a remodel of their kitchen, with updates to their bathroom to be made at a later date. But their contractor helped them realize that they could fit the bathroom upgrades into their budget right now — and that only a few small changes would make a big difference.
Feb 10, 2015
Before & After: Hideous Hood Goes from Ick to Slick for $20
Erica’s kitchen sported a pretty standard, run-of-the-mill range hood — the type we’ve seen a million times over in build grade homes and rentals across the country.
Jan 24, 2015
Before & After: Unbecoming Cabinet Becomes New Credenza
Lucia found this old wooden cabinet with sliding glass doors, and immediately saw an alternate use for it. Instead of a wall-mounted unit, she transformed it into freestanding furniture that better suits her needs, all for a minimal cost… The transformation wasn’t technically difficult, just time consuming. After sanding off all the varnish, Lucia spray painted the inside white. The exterior got several coats of water-based wood stain.
Jan 10, 2015
Before & After: 10 Wallet-Friendly Kitchen Renovations
In 2014, our Before & Afters proved again and again that you don’t need a ton of cash to have a fresh new kitchen. Here are ten of this year’s best budget kitchen remodels. Click on the slideshow to see the projects. To learn more about each project (and see more pictures), click the links in the captions. → Welcome to Apartment Therapy’s Best of 2014 roundup! From December 21 through January 1 we are rounding up our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past year.
Dec 28, 2014
Before & After: A Year of IKEA Hacks
Nothing stirs the DIY spirit like a good IKEA hack. IKEA is so accessible — anybody could stroll in there and buy a BEKVAM or two — but its Scandinavian design is deceptively simple. With a little ingenuity a box, or a table, or a stool from IKEA could become pretty much anything. Here’s proof. Click on the slideshow to see the projects. To learn more about each project (and see more pictures), click the links in the captions.
Dec 24, 2014
Before & After: An Easy & Bold Bathroom Refresh for Only $65
When the budget is tight and you can’t tear apart your entire bathroom to turn it into something you’d prefer, you’ve got to get creative. Jenna did just that with her bathroom, and it went from kind of sad to cheery! There are some simple but bold ideas in this makeover for both renters and homeowners.
Nov 9, 2014
Soundproof Your Rental Bedroom in Under 10 Minutes for $40
If you’re in a rental apartment, the last thing you want to do is pay a lot of money to make it livable. Perhaps the only thing worse is pissing off your roommate(s) while you’re having loud — ahem — relations, or blasting Gregorian chants from your bedroom on Sunday mornings. Which means you need to find an easy, reversible and affordable solution for privacy, while respecting thy neighbors.
Oct 29, 2014
The Totally Free Home Refresh: 5 Things You Can Do to Instantly Re-Energize Your Space
Often I find myself tempted to buy things for my home not because I actually need new things, but because I suffer from ennui. I suppose it’s the human condition: a space which seems exciting and fresh one year can seem a little same old, same old the next. But there are plenty of ways to make a space feel fresh and re-energized without pulling out your wallet. If your home is feeling a little stale, try one of these five strategies for refreshing your home without spending a dime. 1.
Sep 10, 2014
IKEA Hacks: DIY Ways to Make Cheap Wardrobes Look More Expensive
We often turn to IKEA for cheap storage options, which makes their basic wardrobes a popular item in a lot of homes. Clever DIY projects and hacks pop up as people discover ways to upgrade the units to look more expensive and custom-built in their spaces. Here are 8 great projects to think about yourself: Designer Tommy Smythe updated his PAX doors with molding and vintage knobs. Combined with the sleek black paint, this new storage looks high-end and beautiful.
Apr 16, 2014
Before & After: A Seriously Stylish Kitchen Renovation on a Budget
Does this kitchen look familiar? It is the Apartment Kitchen. I believe it was installed in every apartment built between 1978 and 1995. It is difficult to hate the Apartment Kitchen — it just is. But there is not much to love about it, either. So when One Kings Lane editor Kerstin, who had the Apartment Kitchen, met stylist Megan Pflug, who was looking to do an “easy but stylish” kitchen before and after, she jumped at the chance. Yes — it is the same kitchen. I know.
Apr 11, 2014
Before & After: Hardwood Floors Reach a New Plane
Patrick is an avid DIY’er, but you’re about to see the toughest job he’s ever taken on. It wasn’t for the faint of heart, and he should’ve asked friends to help, but after a week of hard work, he transformed his hardwood into the floors he always wanted… Can you believe he planed his entire hardwood floor BY HAND? No, neither could I. But plane it he did, and therefore Patrick wins the award for DIY endurance. Hands down.
Mar 24, 2014
Before & After: Rental Kitchen Gets a Stylish DIY Upgrade For Under $50
Gem, from the blog Blackbird, recently moved into a new apartment in Auckland with her husband. Because it’s a rental, they did not want to do any big renovations, but they did want to give their kitchen a stylish upgrade. With a little cash and some elbow grease, they turned their kitchen into something they are both happy with. First, with the permission of their landlord, they painted two of the walls with paint they had left over from another project.
Feb 13, 2014
Before & After: Laundry Nook Refresh
Potential can be a dangerous thing. Like when I sell myself on a fixer-upper accent chair from Goodwill, convinced I’ll watch a YouTube video one day and learn how to upholster it back to glory. “But it’s got so much potential,” I tell myself, while the chair collects dust in the basement. Bri of Emerson Grey designs saw similar potential in this laundry nook in a potential new home… Thankfully, her story ends better.
Jan 20, 2014
DIY Project Idea: Paint Chip Art Canvas
This DIY art project comes to us from Allison at Simple Silver Linings, who wrote in to share this great idea for making your own custom canvas out of paint chips. It’s not terribly difficult and just requires some patience, a computer, and maybe a few trips to the paint department of your local home improvement store. Here’s how: Paint Chips – lots of paint chips!
Jan 15, 2014
Before and After: Rita and Cane’s Flower Powder Room
With a guest bathroom outfitted in seashell wallpaper, brass fixtures, laminate countertops, vinyl flooring, and “swine beige” finishes, Rita and Cane of This Sorta Old Life could have treated this bathroom as a gut job. But having gutted their master bath not too long ago, they knew what a formidable undertaking that would be, and instead, they figured out a way to make the current space work.
Jan 9, 2014
Budget Before & After: 1980s Kitchen Ditches Its Dated Past
Annie’s Sydney townhouse had a seriously circa-1980 kitchen when she and her husband moved in three years ago. But, it was their first home purchase and didn’t have a budget to completely redo the kitchen, so they decided to give it a minor update that would freshen up the space but stay in keeping with the feel of the place. This kitchen is a great example of small changes making a large impact. A few cosmetic tweaks later, it feels instantly updated.
Dec 10, 2013
Before & After: A Stylish Bathroom Transformation
This is Mattie’s old bathroom, pre Style Cure. Even though she was a little off of the usual Cure schedule, due to some conflicts with work and potty training, it doesn’t make her results any less impressive. The best part? The budget for her entire bathroom redo was a low low $49. After: what a difference a little paint makes! The blue walls, with a pattern of little birds and clouds, lend just the right amount of color and whimsy to this previously drab bathroom.
Nov 22, 2013
Before & After: DIY Makeover with Small, Chic Changes
Sometimes “before” pictures aren’t disgusting nightmares that leave you horrified. Sometimes they are perfectly nice, but the owner was just sick and tired of looking at the same layout or piece of furniture. We’ve all been there and so was Bethany, who’d grown weary of seeing this dark brown trellis pattern first thing after walking in the door. She made a few crucial tweaks without spending a dime — including a mini IKEA hack — and wound up refreshed.
Oct 14, 2013
Before & After: Josh’s Thrift to Mid-Century Style Dresser
Josh found this dresser, solid and in good condition, but not quite his style, at a Dallas thrift shop. With a few basic updates, he turned lots of laminate into a mid-century style showpiece:From Josh: I found this dresser for $60 at a local thrift shop here in Dallas, Texas. It’s made entirely of laminate particle board, barely used, and very solid. I knew it had great lines and good bones, but lacked any personality.
Jun 17, 2013
Before & After: Simple Changes Make a Big Difference
It doesn’t always take expensive and dramatic changes to refresh a room. Follow me after the jump to see how Andi used small details to pack a new punch in her attic guest room.Just by adding adding a bold blue and a few new accessories, Andi took this guest room from minimal and plain to cheery Mediterranean cottage. She painted in headboards, added a table, lamp, pillows, and a window treatment, and called it a day.
Jun 6, 2013
Before & After: DIY Color-Block Planters
Pretty garden pots make any outdoor space that much more lovely, but those little pots can be mighty pricey. That’s why I love this type of DIY project; it takes standard (and very affordable) plastic planters and turns them into something wonderful.    With a little time and a little spray paint, Monica and Jess from East Coast Creative have created modern color-block planters that add elegance and visual interest for a fraction of the cost of decorative planters.
May 6, 2013
Before & After: A Sad Dresser Gets a Second Chance
Sarah took her chances on a very typical dresser at Goodwill — you know, the ones that are a dime a dozen and often get passed up by everyone. Follow me after the jump to see the incredible transformation that turned this sad little piece into a unique gem… She first sanded down all the old paint (always test for lead first) and then stained it with a lovely Mahogany Gloss Stain.
May 3, 2013
6 Ideas for Updating Thrift Store Art
Nothing adds character to a space like art. But if you’re on a tight budget, your options might be a little limited. You could make like a college student and thumbtack a poster of The Starry Night to your wall — or you could make like a savvy DIYer and take some thrift store art to the next level. Related Video: The Secret To Buying Thrift Store Art Here are six ideas for updating thrift store art.
Apr 10, 2013
Before & After: Charlotte’s Flea Market Find Makeover
You might walk by this unassuming stool at a thrift shop, but Charlotte saw potential. See how she gave this flea market find a fresh facelift. From Charlotte: Back when birds were chirping and grass wasn’t buried by 24″ of snow, I grabbed this wheelie stool at the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market in New Milford, CT. The seller clearly thought he was getting the good end of the deal charging me $10. But a simple coat of spray paint later, and it has a new lease on life.
Feb 25, 2013
Before & After: Samna Transforms a Studio in 5 Days
Samna flew out to New York from her home in Seattle to help her sister set up her studio apartment. With only five days and $500, here’s how she transformed the rental into a chic hangout.From Samna: Here’s what I had to work with: My sister’s apartment in a post-war building, 248 square feet of bedroom/living area and kitchen, $500 budget and five days to get it all done. This project is for all of the people who claim “I don’t have time.
Feb 21, 2013
Before & After: Cheltz & Woo’s Discarded Spool to Dining Table
When Cheltz’s husband, Woo, found this discarded industrial spool, he imagined a new dining room table… for free. Check out how the transformation went: From Cheltz: My husband found this giant wooden spool for free and wanted to make a dining table out of it. I was more than willing to have him try. The spool is 65″ in diameter, which is huge, but it was also over 40″ high (which is way too high for a dining table).
Feb 21, 2013
Before & After: Side Table Gets a Herringbone Top On a Budget
Is this “before” image intriguing, or what? Yes, you can see the top of the old crusty side table, but what’s the point of showing it with all those paint sticks on top? This is truly a DIY project I would never have thought of on my own, and I love it!Truly, the folks over at Thistlewood Farms gave this little table an amazing facelift — with paint sticks. They cut them all down to uniform size, applied some stain, and laid them in a herringbone pattern, and the result?
Feb 19, 2013
Before & After: Quick and Simple Chair Makeover
A furniture redo doesn’t have to be drastic or especially time-consuming to make a big impact. This lovely chair had a lot of potential, but was a little drab — a few quick fixes made a huge difference!Lisa from All Things Campbell spotted this chair for $20. It had a few minor problems, but she was confident she could fix it up and make it work… and for only twenty bucks, she didn’t have a lot to lose!
Feb 15, 2013
DIY the $50 IKEA VITTSJÖ: 5 Colorful Hacks
For years IKEA’s EXPEDIT has been a ubiquitous storage solution for homes everywhere. But recently the Swedish furnishing giant’s VITTSJÖ has been showing up more and more on my design radar. It doesn’t scream IKEA, and you’d never guess the system starts as low as under $50. The black metal and glass shelving system has a nice industrial quality on its own, but it seems to really shine when it’s given a bright coat of paint.
Feb 13, 2013
Before & After: Metal Lyon Stools Get a Fresh Powder Coat
These Lyon steel drafting stools are straight from the architecture school where I was an undergrad over a decade ago. Rusted and layered with spray paint, they were pretty well-worn even when I was in school. Recently, when the department underwent renovations, a friend picked these up for free when they were discarded during construction. We paid him $5 each for the trouble of scavenging them and then started looking into refinishing.
Feb 12, 2013
Before & After: An IKEA Bracket Turned Modern Wall Light Sconce
Some DIYers have a real knack for spotting products at IKEA that were just meant to be something else. In the case of this Before & After, a standard shelving unit gets an entirely new purpose and becomes a beautiful light fixture.The Ikea EKBY Shelf Unit contains two simple brackets and a shelf, but when taken apart, suddenly the brackets have all kinds of new uses. You could make a set of new sconces with one shelving unit with this simple hack.
Feb 11, 2013