Songbird Strikes: Protecting Birds from Your Windows

Songbird Strikes: Protecting Birds from Your Windows

Tess Wilson
Jan 23, 2012

If you've ever heard the heartbreaking smack of a bird flying straight into a window, you're probably desperate to make sure it never happens again. Windows are wonderful inventions that allow us to observe the beauty of birds, so let's make sure they don't do more harm than good...

The worst part about researching how to improve a situation is learning how dire the situation is: In the U.S., at least 100million birds die each year due to collisions with buildings. One hundred million. What can we do about it?

  • Margaret Roach of A Way To Garden has gathered some excellent tips and resources, from bird feeder placement to the newest window coverings. The tip that's most practical for renters is also the easiest: don't wash your windows. All this time I've bad-mouthed my landlord for not washing my windows (the ones that are impossible for me to reach), but perhaps he's just been acting in the birds' best interest!
  • Bird Watcher's Digest has compiled the Top Ten Things You Can Do To Prevent Window Strikes, though most of them will make your home looks like a crazy person lives there. As reluctant as I would be to hang Mylar balloons, pie pans, or CDs outside of all my windows, it's really a small price to pay for birds' lives. Perhaps some lovely shiny mobiles or garland would do the trick?
  • EarthEasy collected 9 Ways To Help Birds Avoid Window Collisions, the most interesting being "Block 'through-house' line of sight to the outdoors". If you can see in one window and out another window, a bird will see it as a flight path.
  • Lights Out New York is an excellent organization that raises window-strike awareness and encourages people and companies to turn out their building's lights after dark. Did you know 90,000 birds die due to collisions with buildings, each year, just in New York City? Lights out, New York, and all of us!

Image: Shutterstock

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