Prudent Advice by Jaime Morrison Curtis

Prudent Advice by Jaime Morrison Curtis

Carrie McBride
Oct 19, 2010

Jaime Morrison Curtis knows two things about you: 1) you may not have time to sit and read like you used to and 2) it will do you a lot of good to slow down once in a while and reflect on this whole parent thing. In Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter (A Life List for Every Woman) Jaime shares tips, lessons and advice she wants to pass on to her own daughter and the book prompts every parent (of a daughter or son) to ponder the same.

The 500 pieces of advice range from simple, sage sentences to longer anecdotes infused with humor and heart. If it's been too long since you read a book from start to finish, this one is perfect for dipping into whenever you have a spare moment, especially in moments of parental doubt.

292 Befriend the delivery person. I don't know why, but all the delivery people I have gotten to know are very interesting. Also, if you make friends with them, it is safe to assume your items will be handled with extra care.

177 Introduce yourself to the neighbors as soon as you can after moving into a new place. Getting to know someone is a pleasure; if you're really lucky like your father and me, you may find some lifelong friends living right next door. Even if not, it still helps to have a cordial relationship; it allows you to beg their pardon if your dinner party is too loud or to ask for a spare egg if you need one.

420 Don't fight when you're "hangry." Hungry + angry = regret.

332 Carve out the time to observe a comet! When you are fifty-four years old, the elliptical orbit of Haley's comet will once again approach our sun, heating the dirty lump of gas and rock enough for us to see it. This is the sort of event that requires you to skip work, travel out of the city, and surrender yourself to the intangible importance of an astronomic occasion. I can't explain to you why exactly; I can only tell you that I missed it when I was eight, and I long to see it with you when I cam eighty-four.

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