Pryde’s Old Westport Kitchen & Home Accessories

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From the heartland. If you are looking for new and hard to find kitchen resources, here’s a new one to consider: Pryde’s of Old Westport in Kansas City, MO. We just got this rousing tip from Brian:

My favorite kitchen store is Pryde’s of Old Westport in KC, MO. It’s not a chain, but they do have an on-line catalog. It really puts Sur la Table & Williams-Sonoma to shame. They stock EVERYTHING and still write receipts by hand. Plus they have the grooviest WC that is decked out in classic green and black tiles.

It would be nice to get inside this store. The online shop is small by comparison, but does give you a taste of the quirky, local and non-chain nature of this shop. Prices look good (sale on cutlery right now), the Fiestaware collection is mesmerizing, and they will field your calls and emails if you are looking for anything at all. (Thanks, Brian!) MGR