Public Service Announcement: Watch out for Jerry Lopez, etc…

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This just in. Wherever there is light there is shadow.

We just heard from a reader who posts stuff in the classifieds that a fellow named “Jerry Lopez” (not the world famous surfer) tried to scam her. Watch out and just use your common sense.

His email is posted below so you can see what this looks like. (Thanks, Jeannette!) MGR

Thanks for your respond am happy to hear from
you. I’m giving you $200 extra, for your
trouble/packageing .Right now you know i’ll instruct
my Business Associate to send you a cheque of $3.650
before he leaves for Korea(He’s a multiplebusiness
man),and you’ll send the excess funds to my shipper
$3000 via western union,for him to come for the pick
up at your location,I’ll give you my shipping agent’s
datas as soon as the postal cheque gets to you,and he
will handles my shipping arrangement.I’ll be very
grateful if really you can do everything the same day
you recieve the money order for a faster
transaction….You must send the balance to the
shipper the same you recieve the cheque,i hope this
all clear to you.I’ll need your datas for the cheque
to get to you soonest..







Pls mail me today,to let me know what’s good.I know I
can trust you, hope all my explanation is clear to you
bcos i will arrange the shipment with my private
shipper which has been in service for shipement long
years ago. I’m giving you $100 extra, for your running
around to cash the cheque in the nearset cheque
cashing store near you .
Best Regards

Jerry Lopez