Pucci-Inspired Party Palette by Amy Atlas

blogged about Amy Atlas and her talents in the world of party decor before. Her specialty is the presentation of sweets, taking the simple offering of treats to a whole new level. Photos of a recent project show off a decidedly summery palette that we can imagine putting into practice for an early summer outdoor gathering…

…we like the old-school preppy bubblegum and hot pinks mixed with lime green palette, especially as it is used here – it is given a little vintage-edge by the Pucci-inspired print. It puts us in mind of sixties power-pop, bubbly champagne and sundresses, not a bad start as inspirations for a summer-evening soiree.

Shown above, left to right:
1. The full dessert table
2. Cookie, cupcake and personalized candy wrappers
3. Popcorn cones
4. Cupcake stand
5. A cotton candy “bouquet”

Thanks, Amy!