Pull A Wheely: Nokia’s New Bike-Powered Mobile Charger

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In January, Re-Nest reported on global manufacturers that earned a kudos from Greenpeace, and they’re continuing to make us proud. Late last week, Nokia unveiled the renderings of its first-ever bicycle-powered cell phone charger, to be released by year’s end. More on the device below the jump.

Here’s the way it works: A dynamo, which generates electricity, is powered by the spinning of the front wheel. Electricity is transferred up to the charger, which is attached to the handlebar, and the phone plugs into that. The potential benefits are far-reaching on levels from personal (it might convince certain slovenly someones to get up and bike to work) to global (it will first debut in Kenya, and it could secure the ability to communicate in other such countries where electricity is scarce). Plus—and this is obvious—it’s a much greener way to charge the common wall outlet. So if you’ve got a hankering to summon your inner Lance, now you’ve got an ecologically responsible gadget to look forward to.

(Image: Wired)