Pulse App Removed & Back In Apple's App Store

Pulse App Removed & Back In Apple's App Store

Range Govindan
Jun 23, 2010

One of the main uses of an iPhone, iPad, or any kind of mobile tech device is to catch up on news. One of the easiest ways of getting your news is to subscribe to a bunch of websites' RSS and use a feed reader to sort through them. Now it seems that The New York Times has asked Apple to withdraw the Pulse App because it infringes upon its copyright. The App is back in the store after only a day out of it.

One of the most convenient feed readers is simply Google Reader. It's easy to use and you can just open up a tab on your browser to read all of your sites. However, if you're using your iPhone or iPad, you've probably explored a few different types of feed readers that are available in the App Store.

Pulse is a popular news reader that has gotten some good reviews. It can easily aggregate news from different sources and present them in a way that's really user-friendly. The overall design of the app was impressive enough that Steve Jobs mentioned it during his keynote speech earlier this month. Recently, Apple has withdrawn the app from its store. Why? This was done at the request of The New York Times because they said it violated their copyright. The app was out of the store for a very short time, less than 24 hours. It's been back in the store for the last 2 weeks. Pulse costs $4 and it has been downloaded 35,000 times.

Initially, we were really dumbfounded why The New York Times would do this but it's good to see that the App is back in the App Store. There are other free news readers like The Early Edition which also do the job.

[via Gizmodo, images via Gizmodo, Apple, and The Early Edition]

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