Pure Rest Mattress Sale

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We totally missed this yesterday. If you are looking for a really good mattress that is also a very healthy, non toxic affair, then you should check out the mattress sale over at Pure Rest. Prices look like their discounted about 18% as a queen mattress is reduced from $1400 to $1149. Hey, we know that this is little more than peanuts if you can afford this mattress in the first place, but these guys are good.

They make cotton and natural rubber mattresses and will kill you with how good they are:

1# We start with US milled organic cotton fabric and quilt it to 100% organic cotton wool batting.

2# Then we place 3 layers (for rubber mattress) or 4 layers (non latex) of organic cotton batting grown and milled in the USA, on a 1440 steel 660 count coil foundation… [the list goes on…]

Sale ends October 15th. MGR