Put a Coffee Filter to Work on Your TV Screen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Where do you keep coffee filters in your home? The kitchen? Ha! That’s for amateurs! The real techies know that coffee filters are awesome to keep around in your living room and home office. Trust us! When you sit down to a gloriously lazy midday viewing of the Jersey Shore marathon, you’ll have the perfect catch-all for clearing the screen of dust and lint.

Haven’t made the move to single-serving coffee makers yet? Well, good. You’ve got one leg up on your Keurig competition by keeping coffee filters stocked in your house.

It turns out that those little rippled cones of blotting paper that filter your morning brew are perfect for clearing the dust from your television screen or computer monitor.

They’ll catch the dust and cut static on the screen, all without leaving behind any fibers like paper towels would.

(Images: Pikimal, Real Simple)