Put a Stop to Junkmail Using Your Smartphone

Put a Stop to Junkmail Using Your Smartphone

Gregory Han
Mar 13, 2012

We've tried and tried to stop the flood, but we're still getting a deluge of "To resident" mailers, duplicate catalogs, and other junk mail which goes from our mailbox immediately into the recycling bin. What a waste. So we took notice of a new app which promises to make the process of stopping the flow of unwanted mail a lot easier...

Readabl, Inc.'s PaperKarma app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone takes advantage of smartphone cameras to eliminate the process of filling out "do not mail" form requests and putting the bulk of the process in the hands of PaperKarma.

The process is as simple as taking a snapshot of the offending pieces of mail (you can even take your junk mail haul all together, en masse, as long as the mailing information is visible), uploading it to the app's system, and tapping "Unsubscribe". PaperKarma takes it from there, tapping into their database of companies and sends a request on your behalf to stop any more deliveries.

PaperKarma can stop: - Magazines - Catalogs - Coupon Books - Fliers - Credit Card Offers - White and Yellow Pages - PaperKarma will attempt to stop any mailed correspondence

The app has recently gone from beta to final release, noting the effectiveness of the service will improve with a growing user base reporting offending mailing sources. Disappointingly, the app will not be able to stop zip code carpet bombed mailers which are sent to every doorstep and the most annoying of the bunch (tied with stacks of never used phone books).

The app is currently free and also offers the additional satisfying psychological benefit of going beyond just throwing away junk mail and having an additional agent working on your behalf. We'll find out how effective PaperKarma proves to be in the coming months (usually the time it takes for requests to be processed), making it a daily habit to photo and upload, hoping we'll see a reduction in Mount Mailers' elevation soon.


Image: Gregory Han

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