Putting Green: J.T.’s Platinum LEED Certified Golf Course

04_13_09_golf.jpgWith the Masters going on in Augusta over the weekend, golf coverage was inescapable. While I’m not the biggest fan of the sport, and am usually dismayed by the amount of water golf courses use to keep up the grounds, I can appreciate the first platinum LEED rating given to a golf course. That’s exactly what Justin Timberlake has in mind with the course that his mom and stepdad bought in Millington, Tennessee–the very place where he first learned to play the sport.

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The clubhouse, and all other buildings slated for construction, will meet the highest LEED standards. There are also plans for a renewable energy area and an educational facility, according to the interview Timberlake gave on the Golf Channel. He also said that he hopes to host many fundraising tournaments at the new golf course.

For a little more about the project, see last year’s article in the Memphis Daily News.

Photo by Garrison Photo via sxc.hu