Would You Call The Police on a Noisy Neighbor?

Would You Call The Police on a Noisy Neighbor?

Gregory Han
Aug 19, 2009

Q: Would you call the police on your noisy neighbor? I've enjoyed prior posts about neighbors and privacy (or lack thereof) but my question involves a very noisy neighbor who insists on having people over to play poker or similar games on his balcony which is right below my bedroom window. I'm all for fun, but they are pretty loud yelling, laughing, talkin' smack, etc. during these games and sometimes go until 4 or 5 in the morning. . . during the week!

Needless to say I'm pretty angry since I have to get up for work relatively early. I've tried asking them nicely to keep it down or take it inside but the quiet only lasts for a little while. I usually resort to turning on my TV to try and drown them out but that's not exactly what I'd call calming either. I don't want to start a "war" but I'm all out of ideas.

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Editor - Noisy neighbors seems to be a common problem in urban, population dense regions like Los Angeles, where people can literally hear people's conversations and sneezes at reasonable volumes, let alone at party levels. To b honest, it sounds like you've been reasonable and accommodating, and at a certain point it is within the bounds of reason to say enough is enough and call the police. Perhaps some of your neighbors feel the same way and you can talk to them and make it known as a group that your neighbor's late partying ways need to be tailed back.

Anyone else faced a similar situation and resolved the matter without calling the police?

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