The History of QR Codes & How to Use Them in the Home

The History of QR Codes & How to Use Them in the Home

Chris Perez
Jun 18, 2012

QR codes have been popping up all over the place lately — on business cards, our clothes, our stools on beer mugs, and even on the wall. But do you know where the QR code came from and why it was invented? We do some investigating and also discover some ways you could put QR to use in your home.

The 'QR' in the QR code stands for 'Quick Response,' but it wasn't developed by parademics for use in the ER. It actually was invented by a subsidiary of Toyota to rapidly track cars and parts in automotive manufacturing plants.

Unlike a traditional barcode, QR codes are actually read by image sensors like those found in your digital camera. A snapshot is taken and the three corner squares are used to decipher the angle and orientation of the code. A program then analyzes the rest of the pixel arrangement to decipher the message. The codes are highly customizable and can be configured for a virtually infinite amount of unique combinations. Are these of any use to us in the home, though?

Well, we have posted a few interesting and creative uses of QR codes before; for tracking inventory on your moving boxes and for photo sharing at an event. Another way to use them could be on food placards for your next dinner party.

It may be a little too geeky for most, but yours truly went through the trouble of putting them on each item prepared for a dinner party. If guests wanted the recipe, they could just scan the card and get directed to a link they could save or email so they could make it at home again later.

Have you geeked out and used QR codes in the home? What creative uses have you thought of?

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