Quentin’s All Purpose Room

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Quentin (16 months)
Location: Baltimore, MD
Color Inspiration: I blame it on growing up in Dallas in the 80s, but I like big bright bold colors. We also live close to a wonderful warehouse of free books called The Book Thing and our (overly large) collection of vintage books has really gotten me into mid century color combinations.

Tip for Using Color: The standard formula of brightly colored walls and white furniture worked well for us. Plus we have a blue and white theme, initially from happenstance, that we built on so that the other bursts of colors don’t seem as random. Most of all, Quentin has awesome toys and books that we try to showcase for enthusiastic exploration.

Colors Used: Benjamin Moore Tropicana Cabana

Thanks for your colorful entry Stephanie and good luck!

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