Quest for Sofa

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When need becomes obsession….
It turns out the junior Apartment Therapist needs a sofa. But now that he is a practically a household name in interior design, just any old thing won’t do. It must have style, and down-filled cushions, (though not too plump,) and the price must be right. It must fit into his small space, and yet also fit two or more people generously. This past weekend he visited upwards of 20 stores, criss-crossing large swaths of Brooklyn and Manhattan on the bicycle with the faulty seat, determined to do better than Crate&Barrell. He scoured eBay and hesitated fatally with regard to a certain gem on Craigslist. There were euphoric moments, and moments of bitter despair. It wasn’t altogether healthy. But the good news is that he is now a fount of opinion and information on sofa buying, and he intends to transmit his new-found wisdom into this space. With any luck, readers with sofa needs will benefit from his neurotic fixation. One can only hope…though there are some things that we must all experience for ourselves. OHR