Quest for Sofa

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Help me choose….Buying a sofa can unhinge. On the scale of angst-production, it is somewhere between buying a computer and buying a car, just shy of divorce. Soon, though, I’m sure couches will come equipped with computer operating systems, and then we’ll have real problems. Should I get a Mac couch or a PC couch? The thing is, these acquisitions tend to bring up questions like, “Who am I?” and “What sort of a world do I want to live in?”

Hoping to sidestep the full weight of the dilemna, and always seeking new ways to procrastinate, I’ve whipped up this slick photo gallery of the couches that I am considering buying. Those in the market for a couch may find the photos (with prices and dimensions and store info) helpful by way of research. Others with no current couch needs may yet feel like voting on which couch they think would fit in my 10’x12′ apartment in the West Village. Believe me, I’m very open to the help. I am also a great believer in the power of Internet collaboration. If our readers can sort out our blogging-related copyright issues in, like, an hour, I’m certain they can choose me a sofa. Who knows, if this “Vote for a Couch” thing goes well, perhaps we will build some kind of an “open source” couch buying support application.

Frankly, we see a brighter world in which couch buying in New York City will be a transformational, uplifting, communal experience. It will be a world of happy New Yorkers and better looking, more comfortable (but not overstuffed,) fairly priced, less corporate couches. And from there we’ll tackle carpets, and then mattresses. United we stand. Ahem. Right. Thanks. OHR