Question from a Tenant: Is An Accordion Door Really a Suitable Bathroom Door?

Question from a Tenant: Is An Accordion Door Really a Suitable Bathroom Door?

Tess Wilson
Jan 16, 2016

Q: We just re-located to a new state and are renting for the first time—we used to be home owners. We are renting a single family home, and it's been riddled with problems, all of them rather significant. The landlord has been working with us to get things fixed for the most part, but we've reached an impasse over what seems like such a silly thing: we have no door on the master bathroom...

Besides common decency and not wanting to watch my spouse take care of *ahem* business, now that cold weather is here, it's downright drafty and uncomfortable. We researched building codes and it is required by law to have a door, so our landlord wants to install an accordion door. We are pretty horrified by this suggestion- how can a cheap accordion door be appropriate for a bathroom?? He won't budge, and we are completely unsure how to handle this. Do we allow an accordion door to be installed? Install a real door ourselves on our own dollar? -Sent by Skye

Editor: This is such a weird thing for your landlord to be stubborn about! I just checked Home Depot, and normal, regular, proper, solid, upstanding, respectable doors start at $29, so it's not like your landlord is saving a million bucks by insisting upon a $20 accordion door. Readers, what should Skye do about this door situation? Please help!

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