Question: How Private are Your Windows at Night?

updated Jun 18, 2019
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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While staying at a friend’s place this week, we’ve been enjoying the gorgeous sunlight that bathes her house during the day through the huge windows in every room…

Her windows are all decked out in beautiful yet simple, tied back linen curtains, layered over simple white sheers. And while we’ve enjoyed the sunlight during the day, there’s something we haven’t enjoyed: feeling on display at night! Her house borders a busy street with cars and people walking by often; you can’t see them but you can hear them pass. With no blinds in the house, there’s no simple way to cover the windows at night. While our friend seems completely at ease, we can’t help but wonder who’s out there watching us! Abby wrote about the idea of feeling like no one can see you when you’re in your home earlier this month. The question is, if you know they are looking in, do you do something about it or not care?

What sort of covering do you have for your windows at night? Do you leave them open, not caring whether people can see inside or not? Do you close all the blinds as soon as the sun goes down? Is your home on a busy street or is there no chance of anyone walking by? Do you have a friend who’s the polar opposite on this issue? Tell us about it!