Quick, Easy and Cheap Updates For Your Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Not much we can do in our kitchen; it’s a rental. Plus we’re kinda lazy. If we undertake a big project, we know it’ll never get completed. So we like to keep it small and simple…and cheap! When we saw Laure’s post the other day on 10 (almost free) ways to spruce up the bathroom it got our minds working. Here are some equally easy and cheap things we’ve done and some things we’re thinking about doing in our kitchen!

  • Clean and declutter your kitchen. Do you really need that juicer? Does your standing mixer have to be out all the time? Sometimes just clearing off the kitchen counters can give your kitchen a whole new feel.
  • We’re a lazy painter so we like the idea of painting just the legs of our kitchen’s chairs. Or if you have a little more energy, just paint your lower cabinets. Or just your cabinet’s doors
  • Change your cabinet’s knobs. We went from white to stainless for a whole new look.
  • It may be over but we still like the look of a chalkboard wall. And it’s practical as well.
  • Not enough cabinet space? Hang your pots from the ceiling. Or try a Julia Child inspired pegboard
  • Another oldie but goodie? Wall decals but on your cabinets. We’ve just ordered a tree branch silhouette for ours.
  • Take off the doors of your kitchen’s upper cabinets entirely. We love the open shelved look. Especially great if you have pretty dishes. Check out Grace’s spin on the open shelved look.
  • A kitchen rug adds a splash of colour.
  • Change out your accessories. New towels, a great vase you don’t use for your kitchen implements, some magnets on your wall to hold your knives.
  • Add plants. We especially like succulents in the kitchen. And it’s always nice to have fresh herbs.
  • Fruits and vegetables are a colourful and ever changing way to decorate your kitchen from bowls of oranges and lemons to strings of chiles, garlic braids and herb wreaths.

[image: Living, etc.]