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Quick, Easy, Cheap: A Simple Solution for Wall Mounted TV Cords

published Jan 21, 2014
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Engineer Chic shared a simple, inexpensive solution for minimizing the look of ugly cords dangling from a wall hung tv and associated tech in the comment thread of today’s Cord Clutter post. Check it out, she even included source links…

Ooh ooh ooh! I did this, and it made a HUGE difference in my wall-mounted TV. I have a TV hanging on the wall in the corner of the living room & there were 3 black cords hanging down behind it (power for the TV, Roku, and soundbar). It made the whole corner look awful.

I used an extension cord with a flat, grounded plug and 3 grounded outlets at the end plus a cord cover system from the big orange home improvement store. It looks A-MAZINGLY better. The cord cover can be painted (it’s white, and so are my walls right now, but that will change). I ran the extension cord cable through the cord cover & mounted it to the wall bracket for the TV, then plugged the TV, Roku, and soundbar into the 3 outlets at the end. None of these are heavy loads, so I’m not overloading the outlet they connect to.

This is the cord cover kit I used:

And this is the extension cord:

The only caution – the sticky back tape on the cord cover kit is REALLY sticky. Be sure you have it where you want it because once it touches the wall … it doesn’t want to let go for love or money.

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Thanks, Engineer Chic!