Quick Party Tip: Use Candy For Buffet Table Labeling

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Dessert buffet tables these days look so pretty with all those little flags and labels letting you know what you’re about to partake in. Making little paper flags is totally do-able, but how do you get them to stand up straight like soldiers? It’s easy with this simple gummy trick!

Making small stands for your dessert table is a great idea and makes things look extra polished and planned, but making those little labels stand up without falling over every 10 seconds can be quite a chore. Instead of fussing with ideas that resemble something MacGyver might try out, turn to the candy aisle in your local grocer.

Gum drops make a perfect prop for sticking small straws into to keep your little labels upright without much fuss, muss or under-your-breath swearing. You can find this idea and more photos from this party over at Avery and Augustine.