Quick Teen & Tween Tidy Trick

Quick Teen & Tween Tidy Trick

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 19, 2009

We're all for instilling the wonderful joys of house cleaning in our children. But sometimes, life just gets out of control and the bedrooms of our tweens and teens can look more like the aftermath of a natural disaster than not. Our Mom used a quick and quite persuasive method to help us stay on track...

The hardest part about recovering a room that has layers of filth and clutter to it is knowing where to start. It's hard for adults and it's even worse for kids. Their minds wander from memory to memory as they attempt to see the floor again. Help them out with the trick our mom used to use for us!

Throw it all on the bed. Easy as that. She would make a pile of dirty clothes, clean clothes, obvious trash, books and then everything else. It was an easier place for us to dig in, because it had all been presorted for us and all we had to do was put one pile away at a time.

That isn't so say of course that we didn't rearrange our New Kids On The Block and Debbie Gibson posters a few times while we were working, but it was always something that we more than appreciated from our Mom.

Plus, it didn't hurt that we couldn't actually sleep until it was all put away (although we did spend a few nights on the floor with our pillow and a blanket in defiance!).

Do you have a tip to help your teens and tweens stay on top of things? Let us know in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member wendizzle licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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