Quick Tip: The Safest Way to Pack Plates

Quick Tip: The Safest Way to Pack Plates

Jennifer Hunter
Apr 12, 2013

Moving is stressful enough without arriving at your new home with shards of china where your dishes used to be. So today I'd like to share a packing tip — courtesy of my wise grandma — that's never let me down.

Pack your plates vertically instead of stacking them on top of each other!   

Packing this way reduces the pressure on the vulnerable, thinner china in the center on the plate (especially for those at the bottom of a heavy stack), which means they're less likely fall victim to the bumps and jostles of your move.  

I wrap each plate in paper and use plenty of padding to fill up the box so there's no unnecessary movement.  And, of course, make sure to clearly label the outside so you know which end is up, or all your careful packing will be for naught.  

(Images: Jennifer Hunter)

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