Pet Hair Removal: Use Vacuum Attachments on a Shop Vac

Pet Hair Removal: Use Vacuum Attachments on a Shop Vac

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 9, 2010

Sometimes the best ingenuity happens when you're between a rock and a hard place. The previous owner of my home had a cat. A nice yet ridiculously furry cat. Having grown up with felines in my home, I wasn't shocked by the amount of hair ground into the carpet, but what I wasn't prepared for was my complete inability to remove it — until today!

Recently I've made claims that my vacuum is my BFF and while we're still close, like most relationships we'd had a falling out of sorts. You see, in the past, it's always been there for me and tackled any job I needed it to tackle. It has literally been the most awesome purchase we've made for our home and was money well spent. Though it's sucked up more dog hair than we care to count, when it came to this super thin, fine and insanely abundant cat hair…well…it finally said "enough is enough".

No matter how many times we tried to run it over the carpets, the hair would just ball up and clog in the most inconvenient of places inside the vacuum. This required tools, coat hangers and even a few four letter words of "encouragement." Nothing worked! Although we have a shop vac, the process was so tedious and there was so much carpet to cover that we had all but given up.

This morning, both vacuums were sitting side by side and it hit me! I love my Eureka 4D for many reasons, but mainly for the use of it's "power paw" attachment. It is a small brush that operates by suction power from the vacuum. It works brilliantly and so we decided it couldn't hurt to try it out on the shop vac. It didn't fit, so we monkeyed around with a few extended attachments and finally found the right combination to make it work. After turning on the shop vac it whirred to life with a ridiculous amount of power and we were in business!

So much business in fact that we cleaned our entire carpet in just under 15 minutes without a single speck of dust, hair, or debris left anywhere. No joke! Although they make many attachments for shop vacs, we've never seen a need to purchase them. Usually our shop vac gets used when we're picking up large debris or water from some sort of plumbing backup. If you're in the same boat we are, try using your regular old household attachments next time you've got a tough job to do. It will give you all the convenience of a standard household vacuum with the extra sucking power of a shop vac, it's really the best of both worlds!

You can purchase just the power paw attachment to use on any vacuum from eBay starting around $13. Happy bidding, your carpets will thank you!

Images: Sarah Rae Trover

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