Quick Weekend Task: Make an Ongoing DIY Project Shopping List

Quick Weekend Task: Make an Ongoing DIY Project Shopping List

Adrienne Breaux
Feb 1, 2014

A chip in paint. A loose door handle. It can be easy to let non-emergency home repairs stack up as the year rolls on. Hopefully through the Cure you tackled some of those nagging DIY projects that you never got to last year. Unfortunately, your home won't stay perfect forever, and more small repair needs will crop up. Use this helpful trick to remember and tackle those small repairs throughout the year.

Create an ongoing, weekly or monthly DIY shopping list. It's the same idea as keeping and adding to an ongoing grocery shopping list throughout the week. Pick a central spot in your home where you can tape up a piece of paper, hang a whiteboard or doodle on a chalkboard.

Divide your list into three columns. In the first, write in the room where the repair is needed, including the location (like halfway up the wall, in a corner, etc.). In the second column, write what the repair is. In other words, try to problem solve the solution before writing it down. So instead of just writing "broken lamp," write "lamp needs new socket." Lastly, in the third column jot down a quick materials list. Everything you can think of. For this list trick to be successful, it helps to be as thorough as possible in the third column. So if some chipped paint needs retouching and you know you probably need another paint brush, put that down too.

So how does this help? Well when the weekend rolls around, you don't have to try and remember everything around the house that needs completing, you can just grab your list and head to the hardware or home supply store. And, you can diminish that aggravating situation when you get to the store, remember a project mid-aisle, grab what you think you might need, and then return home to either find out you didn't get everything and can't finish the project anyway, or bought things you don't need and wasted money. By making it ongoing, you can keep track of all the little repairs that often slip through the cracks. And don't feel pressured to complete each task every weekend! You'll feel better just knowing you have a handle on it.

How do you stay on top of your home's small repairs throughout the year? Do you have your own easy trick?

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