Show It Off: Super Easy (& Beautiful) Ideas for Displaying a Quilt

published Feb 18, 2017
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(Image credit: Lana Kenney)

Quilts are made to be enjoyed, but if you don’t want to subject them to wear and tear—and frequent laundering—as bedding, hang them from the wall so they can be admired safely. These hanging methods will ensure that your quilt survives for generations to come.

(Image credit: Purl Soho)

Modular Block Quilt by Purl Soho

Loops are a great way to hang your quilt from hooks or pegs, as long as you’re not planning on leaving it up forever. In the comments on this post, the project’s creator writes, “We use loops of 20mm Cotton Twill tape, pinned to the back of the quilt. But you could easily hand sew them on (just to the backing fabric) for a more sturdier solution, although that’s not the most long lasting or proper way to do it.”

(Image credit: Louise Gray)

Quilt Hangers for sale at Louise Gray

These handcrafted wooden hangers are a stylish, timeless way to display your quilts in any room of the house. All you’ll have to do is drill four holes into your wall, then hang your quilt with pride.

(Image credit: Alexis Deise)

Bars by Alexis Deise

Quilt artist Alexis Deise hangs her quilts from loops that can be slid along a hanging bar like a shower curtain, metal hoops that can be hung from nails, and even binder clips!

DIY Quilted Modern Art by A Beautiful Mess

For a clean finish, sew a backing cloth to your quilt and stretch it over canvas stretching bars. (You can add an external frame, as shown here, for an even more elegant presentation.) Fiber artist Judy Simmons has step-by-step instructions for safely stretching your quilt.

(Image credit: Crafty Blossom)

Quilt on Ladder by Crafty Blossom

Carefully fold your quilt and hang it on a ladder—either a design-y one or just a regular old (clean!) ladder. This display method is perfect if portions of your quilt are imperfect.

(Image credit: Monica Ramos)

Sometimes Shop Tour by Monica Ramos

Here we see a quilt charmingly hung from a rope with the aid of clothespins. This method is best used lightweight and/or smaller quilts, so there’s no strain on the fabric and stitches.

(Image credit: Cosmo Cricket)

Quilt As Headboard by Cosmo Cricket

Here, a child’s quilt is hung above their bed by hangers, “so that when he wants to get it down for a cuddle he can.” Hang your quilt by each side in turn so it doesn’t wear unevenly.

(Image credit: Messy Jesse)

This hanging sleeve tutorial is designed for larger mini quilts, though someone in the comments say they hang their full-sized quilts the same way. A sleeve is sewn to the back of the quilt, allowing you to hang it from a hidden dowel.

Plexiglass Frame by Kiki’s List

Finally, take inspiration from this framed silk scarf by sandwiching a quilt between two sheets of UV-blocking plexiglass and clamping the whole thing together with ultra-strong magnets or brackets.

Quilters, please share your favorite tips and tricks!