The Affordable Carry-On I Recommend to Everyone Now Comes in Limited-Edition Spring Colors — and They’re Flying Out of Stock

published Mar 29, 2024
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Quince Carry-Ons in 3 new colors
Credit: Quince

Spring is here, and with the sunnier weather comes a slew of new products in cheery seasonal shades. One of the most notable brands getting in on the action is Quince, the maker of my absolute favorite suitcase (more on that in a second). The budget-friendly brand recently expanded the hues of their super-popular Carry-On Hard Shell Suitcase to include three soothing new tones: Seaglass, Lavender, and Light Pink. And since the original line is constantly selling out, it’s no surprise that the new spring range is already flying out of stock. So why are people so obsessed with this carry-on? As someone who recommends their luggage to everyone I know, let me break it down for you.

For starters, Quince’s Carry-On Hard Shell Suitcase looks just like (my former favorite) Away’s Bigger Carry-On, only it costs a fraction of the price ($129.90 vs. $295). I own the tan Quince carry-on and it is nearly identical to Away’s, right down to the polycarbonate shell. At 22″ H x 14.5″ W x 9″, it’s just a tiny bit smaller than Away’s carry-on, but it has the same interior measurements (21” x 14.5″) and holds the same number of outfits (6-9).

Credit: Mark Marino

I’ve taken my Quince carry-on everywhere with me, from Boston to London, and it’s my favorite travel companion. For a long winter weekend in Rhode Island, I fit two pairs of jeans, two button-down shirts, a hoodie, four tees, a sleep shirt and pants, a pair of eyeglasses, a scarf, and four days’ worth of underwear and socks in one compartment. In the other, I packed toiletries, plus my nightguard, contact lens solution, an umbrella, sunglasses, and some snacks, with lots of room to spare. For a 10-day trip to Sicily last May, I packed pretty much the same things, but upped the number of clothes (three pairs of jeans, four button-downs, five tees, etc.), and still fit everything in without issue.

I have carried on so much about how much I love my Carry-On Hard Shell Suitecase that I’ve even convinced others to buy their bags. My niece recently took her new Quince carry-on on its maiden voyage to D.C., and she loved how lightweight it was and how smoothly it wheeled across floors and streets. Our deputy editor, Alicia, took Quince’s 27-inch Expandable Hard-Shell Check-In Suitcase home for the holidays and was blown away by how spacious it was. “All of the Christmas presents, two weeks’ worth of clothes, several books, one pair of shoes, and four bags of cosmetics fit easily into one side,” she says. “I just had to put my sneakers into the other empty side, but I literally had half of the suitcase left empty. I was so astounded.”

Unlike some older Away carry-ons, Quince’s does not include a battery for charging smartphones and laptops, but it does feature a removable laundry bag, an interior compression system, a TSA-approved combination lock, and, more importantly, spinner wheels that make it easy to maneuver. It glides smoothly across the polished floors of airports, and moves effortlessly along bumpy sidewalks and cobblestone streets, taking knocks from going up and down curbs like a champ. Though my suitcase’s tan outer shell has picked up some black scuffs along the way, they rub off easily with a Magic Eraser.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to just the tan hue. Seaglass, Lavender, and Light Pink are available on the 21″ Carry-On Hard Shell and 24″ Check-In Hard Shell models, and all of their suitcases come in a variety of other colors.

If you’re looking for a first-class bag on an economy budget, Quince is the way to go. But these suitcases are selling fast, so you better land yours while they’re still in stock.