Quirky’s Crowd Sourced Products

Have an idea for a product, but don’t know how to go about bringing it to life? Send it in to Quirky, a company that works like a crowd sourced R&D lab. They take your idea to the masses, posting it on their site and then asking the public to vote on whether or not it should be realized. Get enough votes and Quirky’s team of product designers tweak your concept into reality. Once they’ve got a working model, they wait to get enough pre-orders in to mass produce it. The original idea maker gets a cut of sales.

Quirky already has a nice roster of tech accessories and tools that will make you think, why didn’t I think of that?

Space Bar: Raise your computer monitor to a more ergonomic height, while using the raiser as a USB extender to plug in all your miscellaneous gadgets. It adds six USB ports to your computer set-up, plus it can stow a keyboard up to 18″ long by 1.5″ high when you need room on your desk to do analog work.

Watt Time: The iconic light bulb becomes a daily alarm clock. A bright blue LED display illuminates the time and date through the durable high-gloss plastic. The snooze button is located on top of the bulb’s socket end, and if sound isn’t enough to get you up, you can set the clock to light up your room just like a traditional bulb would.

Glow ‘n Go: Afraid of the dark or just afraid to stub your toe on the way to the loo? Either way, this portable night light will illuminate your path when you need it. In standby mode, the Glow ‘n Go emits a soft night light. When you need more light, just press the big button on the front and you’ll get 20 minutes of bright light. The handle makes it easy to carry down the hall. There’s also an alarm clock function, which lets your kids know when mommy and daddy are still sleeping (red light) and what time it’s ok to jump in their bed (green light).

Weigh To Go: Avoid extra baggage fees at the airport by making sure your suitcase isn’t overweight before you get to the ticket counter. The Weigh to Go wraps around the underside of your luggage handle and locks in place with a combination lock. When connected to your handle there’s enough room for you to wrap your fingers around the Weigh to Go, allowing you to lift your luggage while the gadget gets a weight reading. A section on the tag lets you write down all your personal info should your baggage get lost.

Scratch-n-Scroll Green Notepad: This mousepad lets you jot down notes, without wasting paper. Using the same concept as a Magic Slate, you doodle on the plastic sheet using a plastic stylus. Pull up the sheet to erase.

Cloak: An iPad protector that doubles as a stand that lets you decide how much you want your screen angled.

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