The Game-Changing Surge Protector That Doubles As a Shelf (It’s on Sale!)

published Nov 2, 2022
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For as long as I live, I’ll never forget the incredible inconvenience of my first New York City apartment. Though it was in a great area and I felt like I was living the dream just being a city dweller, there were certain quirks about the old building I lived in that definitely impacted my daily life. Chief among them (besides the drafty window that I swear had to have been made of plastic instead of glass)? The outlet situation in my bedroom.

My bedroom boasted just a single outlet — yes, just one plug. It may not sound like the biggest deal, but when you factor in just how many things you need juice for on a daily basis just to function and get ready for work, you’ll start to understand where I’m coming from. I couldn’t charge my phone and read a book by a lamp at the same time at night. Pretty much doing anything else while blow-drying my hair was totally out of the question. And don’t get me started on the musical chairs-like rotation that happened between my chargers when I was trying to work on the weekend. Frankly, it was a mess — and while a power bar did solve some of my issues, it was clunky and inconvenient.

What I really needed? This genius 2.4A surge protector from QVC. It transforms a single plug into a convenient four-place outlet, with rotating plugs that turn a complete 360 degrees, so you never have to think twice about what you plug where. In addition to those four outlets, each surge protector (you’ll get two in a set) has a duo of built-in USB ports for convenient charging of tablets, phones, and other portable gadgets. Two plastic prongs on either side of the device offer a convenient place to wrap extra cord up to keep tangles from getting the best of your charging collection.

But that’s not even the coolest part. Each surge protector actually comes with a removable shelf on top, which can be an easy place to stash something small like a phone or tablet while you wait for it to juice up. You can even use the shelf as a way to prop up your device, allowing you to read or watch TV hands-friend as your gear gains power.

These surge protectors are a no-brainer for upping day-to-day function in small apartments or dorm rooms that lack a ton of electrical outlets, but they can be just as convenient in larger homes, too — especially around the holiday season. With the surplus of lights and decorations we all have up during this time of year, it makes sense that a few extra outlets would come in handy by the Christmas tree or in the guest room to ensure weekend visitors don’t have to choose between a glaring low battery symbol and fixing their hair in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

For a limited time, you can snag a set of these 360 Electrical Surge Protectors from QVC for just $39.98 (down from $54). That’s eight extra plugs and four USB ports, all for under $40. Take it from my former self: This is totally a deal worth taking advantage of.