The KitchenAid Food Chopper That Will Be Your Go-To for Fall Meal Prep (It’s on Sale!)

published Sep 26, 2022
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It’s usually right about the end of September that the reality of fall truly sets in. No longer are the mornings filled with giddy kids, new notebooks, and packed lunches in hand, and no longer are you thinking about which fun, weeknight dinner you’ll whip up on Wednesday as you drift off to sleep. The truth of the matter is, the transition to cooler weather brings about lots of changes. Whether you have kiddos or not, saying goodbye to the spontaneity of summer fun, bounty of delicious produce, and the longer days can be tough.

That’s why as the weather turns, we usually fall back on our kitchen hacks — you know, the essentials that make cooking as easy as it is scrumptious? From air fryer cheat sheets to fall-themed, do-it-all Dutch ovens, we’re all about efficiency in the kitchen. And, one of the best ways to make cooking (or packing lunches, or planning your week) more effortless? Meal prep. Enter: KitchenAid’s 5-Cup Chopper.

Whether its mirepoix for soup, hummus for an easy protein component to your WFH lunch, or diced onions you’ll caramelize with tons of butter and add to pasta, this workhorse of an appliance can handle it for you. In fact, having one of these babies in your kitchen practically eliminates any dicing or blending from your daily cooking duties and this particular model is not only cordless, but it’s also got a whisk attachment. Say goodbye to sore shoulders, you’ll never hand-whip cream again!

Its 5-cup capacity means it’s large enough to tackle family-sized prep and still small enough to stow away without cluttering your cabinets. Thanks to its lack of cord, you can use the chopper anywhere, no matter how far away the outlet is. And hey, no one’s stopping you from bringing the game-changing device when you leave the house! With the holidays approaching, bring the KitchenAid with you to your relatives’ homes. You’ll save yourself from having to spend hours in the kitchen and finally get to enjoy that glass of wine.

The 5-Cup has two speeds (meaning it seamlessly transitions from chop to puree) and a pulse mode (you can make pie crust without having to take out your stand mixer!). Its stainless-steel blade can take on nearly any task, from chopping nuts to effortlessly slicing through herbs, remaining sharp even after years of daily use. Our favorite feature? The drizzle basin, which is a small divot located inside the chopper’s locking top that makes adding oil into salad dressing, aioli, mayo, and more a total breeze. Plus, the maneuverable appliance has a battery life that’ll last a whole Thanksgiving’s-worth of prep time.

Oh, and before we forget, right now the chopper is on sale! For just about half off, why not snag this little do-it-all machine right now? It’s easily worth all the hours it’ll save you in the kitchen!