R2-D2 Trashcan at Urban Outfitters

R2-D2 Trashcan at Urban Outfitters

Dec 19, 2007

"Luke, I am your..." Wait, that's not right. We may not be the biggest Star Wars fans but we do know that you're out there. And you probably have a lot of trash.

Allow us to introduce the Giant R2-D2 Waste Basket from Urban Outfitters. This "fully licensed replica" is authentic in looks and purposeful in utility. Like any step trashcan, a lower lever flips open the domed lid. Luckily, a plastic bucket is stored inside so there's no struggling to lift the entire contraption when it comes time to empty the trash. Think R2 is too important to hold your rubbish? Urban Outfitters suggests filling him with ice and libations to create the coolest of coolers at your next party.

If spending $150 for a trashcan doesn't quite compute, jump down to find out how to make your own!

In last week's house tour, Alison and Nicholas proudly revealed their

(at left). They swear they came across the idea organically and didn't even know about the UO version (at right). Here's how they did it:

• You'll need...a white plastic domed trashcan; red, blue, and gray (or silver) acrylic paint; a few cheap brushes; masking tape; a pencil; a black Sharpie; and a detailed image of R2 himself.

• Using the masking tape, map out a simple pattern of R2's motherboard. There's no need to capture every detail. Just make sure you get the important identifiers, such as the silver head, the big black eye, and the smaller red light. If you're feeling less than steady-handed, use the pencil and jar lids to stencil out circles.

• Keep the tape in place and paint according to the R2 design.

• Alison and Nicholas stopped there but, in hindsight, they suggest sealing the paint because they're finding it cracks easily. If you want long-lasting results, try using Mod Podge or some other decoupage glue/sealant to keep your work protected.

• Let R2-D2 dry thoroughly, outline shapes with the black Sharpie, and there you go: your very own intergalactic buddy and all for less than about $30.

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