Rad Rugs In Readers Rooms

Rad Rugs In Readers Rooms

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 17, 2009

We can show you pretty pictures in our favorite magazines and online sources, but when it comes right down to it, what really gets us fired up about home decor—is you. Ohdeedoh readers are the cream to our coffee and the cheese to our pizza, your ability to throw together an amazing space is truly inspiring. Today we're looking at all those pretty rugs keeping your floors warm, so let's see what you've got.

Sure we could dig through the folding archives of Met Home, or even Loft Life and show you giant spaces that fill our dreams, but that's not the real world and it's all too easy to say, "Yeah, sure, try getting PlayDoh out of THAT rug!" At least that's what we say, so we're assuming your own thoughts can't be too far off.

Here's some of our favorite spaces from our reader's rooms below, hopefully they'll be as inspiring to you as they are to us. Thanks for giving us a better archive of kid friendly spaces than all those snooty magazines!

Pictured Left to Right and Top to Bottom
Charley Mae's Modern Eclectic: We were deprived of animal prints growing up and although that isn't a bad thing, we can only imagine the fun we could have had pretending our favorite HeMan toys were going on a safari to hunt wild lions. In this space we enjoy the punch of structured pattern it brings to the space as it's familiar, yet fun.

Ava's Colorful, Handmade Haven: This solid color rug is the largest block of color in this space and doesn't need a print or kid-ish pattern adorning it. Perfect just the way it is, it grounds the room and anchors all the fun on the other surfaces.

loft-088638">Mia's Alluring Modern Loft: This space has 3 circular rugs that bridge the gap of a larger space making it feel like a path across their dark floors. We love the look that they bring and more importantly the use they'll get later on in life (Assuming they make it that far) when they become magical islands in a sea of water, or rocks to stand on so the imaginary sharks don't get you!

Bella and Lily Share Sisterly Love: The combination of floral prints and patterns in this room just sends our collective hearts a flutter. It's a prime example of more being more and the floor covering in this space is no exception. Had it of been a solid color it would have felt out of place in this super shared space.

Madeleine's Surprise Make Over: Layered rugs in a space are one of those things that we always love on TV and in magazines, but when it comes to our own spaces, we're either overwhelmed by the cost of a single rug, let alone 3 rugs, or we just can't make it look like it does in other people's rooms. This space is a perfect example of layering the 3 pieces and even if these rugs were of the higher price points, we're willing to bet your super detective abilities can lead you to reasonable versions from discount stores and sales going on in your area. The neutrals all work together and make a larger space feel a little more comfortable and brought together.

Penny Lou's Ode to Mary Blair Art: As we're sure you've guessed by now, we love Flor tiles. We've put them to use and put them through more than rigerous testing in our own home and we love them just as much when we see them in readers spaces as well. Sometimes a full plush rug can feel too much, but something is needed to give your little ones a place to catch some traction without sitting on the often drafty floors. This color combo makes the whole space come alive and would make for a great place to hang out for an afternoon and read some books!

Tessa's Handmade & Hand-Me-Down Haven: We wanted to make sure we featured this thicker shag rug in Tessa's room. Their room was brought together with help from friends and family, reclaimed and thrifted finds and often times when a room is brought together in that manner it can feel a little chaotic or pieced together. This simple white rug brings the entire space together with it's simple white color. The white in all their other accents comes together and makes their space a bedroom and a nursery instead of a mix of stuff.

No Gray Skies for Mallory Gray: We love this simple circular rug that is a nice compliment to the striped window coverings. It's a fantastic contrasting shape and even if it wasn't intentional, it makes the floors part of the decor without being too matchy-matchy. Check out the tour for the rug and stay for the birds on the ceiling.

We're sure there's more rad rugs in our readers rooms, do you have a favorite that you've fallen in love with in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

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