Radical Home Design Ideas That Just Might Change Everything

Radical Home Design Ideas That Just Might Change Everything

Adrienne Breaux
Mar 13, 2015

Can a change around the house really change your life? You bet. And we think the five sort-of-radical-but-totally-doable design ideas in this post might have quite a big impact on your life and your home.

Keep your sleep space simple

Hey look, we love a brightly colored and boldly patterned bedroom as much as the next person, but for many, getting a good night's sleep is a priority. What can help? Creating a sacred space for sleeping that doesn't make room for technology, clutter or stress.

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Stop holding on

Imagine if you were free. Well, furniture free, anyway. You had no obligations to anything you owned. You didn't have to keep a furniture piece because you spent a lot of money on it, or your so-and-so gave it to you. Or you got it as a gift. If you didn't have to keep it, would you? Guess what? You do have that freedom. And allowing yourself permission to let go of furniture you're just sort of "meh" for gives you the power — and floor space — to really find your ideal style, and craft your dream home.


Tall ceilings, ceiling medallians, hardwood floors, big windows — it doesn't quite matter what's on your "dream home wish list," chances are your current home doesn't check off every box. (And if it does, count yourself lucky!) For the rest of us, faking it — faking the kind of dream home elements we drool about and daydream about — can not only make our current homes more tolerable, they can make our current home pretty darn close to ideal.

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Say no to negativity

It might sound a little too perky to maintain, but imagine if you never indulged in spouting negativity about your home to yourself or to guest? Would it permanently change the way you looked at your space? We bet it would. Positivity breeds positivity, and it's hard to be grateful for what you have when there's a whole lot of complaints coming out of your mouth. So for one day, one week, one month and so on, try to quell the urge to grouse about something about your home. You might just find yourself finding less things to complain about as time marches on.

Make more mistakes

Everyone should paint a room a looked-so-great-in-the-paint-chip-I-didn't-think-it-needed-testing-out horrible color at least once. And how are you going to know you're not a roman shade kind of person unless you live with some for awhile? The best way to get to your ideal home — one filled with your perfect dream elements — is to whittle down on the stuff you don't like (and may very well downright hate) first. So go ahead, make some outlandish mistakes. Or even just take some chances. Whether it works out or not, you'll at least know your tastes and preferences a little better.

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