Raid Your Closet Before You Hit The Road For The Holidays

Raid Your Closet Before You Hit The Road For The Holidays

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 19, 2010

There are a lot of things to think about before you head out for the holidays, which for many of us means traveling to the homes of friends and family. Make sure you're prepared for whatever the road has to throw at you by raiding your closet... wait, what?

Your closets are the best place to go for stocking up on winter supplies if you're a car owner. Dig through your stash and pick up some old gloves, scarves and hats. Try to have enough on hand assuming you have a full car. Choose the ones that have dirty fingers or maybe a hole or two. It isn't a fashion show, but they can save your life.

Dig a little deeper and check for decks of cards that are long since forgotten about or even extra pairs of socks (especially since many women will be in heels or dress shoes) for those who might have left home without them. Preparing your car for a roadside situation seems over the top and silly until you have to rely on it.

Other things you can toss in a bag are old panty hose, belts or ties. These are all items that can be used in a pinch if you blow a belt or something falls loose. Use one of the above items to tie it back up. A bar of soap doesn't hurt either as rubbing it over a leak in a gas pan is a quick fix until a more permanent repair can be made (though you might have to head to the bathroom closet to find that one).

Don't forget to raid the pantry (that's a closet, right?) for high protein or sugar snacks that might give you a burst of energy if you have to go change a flat tire and get a craving for the munchies. An ounce of preparation is worth is worth a pound of cure, so make sure your family vehicle is prepared!

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