Rail Yard Studios: Sturdy Furniture Made From Railroad Ties

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A father and son team, Robert and Jim Hendrick teamed up to make these beautiful creations made from re-purposed railroad ties that were singled out and often destroyed due to knots, splits, warps, or any other imperfections. Robert, who owns the railroad company, saved the imperfect ones that weren’t suitable to withstand the weight of a train but worked beautifully for fine furniture, or hardwood floors.

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1. Left: White Oak Coat Rack features 4 pieces of rail from the Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad company c. 1908.
Top Right: Third End Rail Table It is well suited as either a bedside table or an end table. Open on one side, it can be turned to face the third rail out or the third rail can be faced to the wall to provide a place for storage or to exhibit an object.
Bottom Right: Switch Point Desk Four pieces of Tennessee Coal & Iron Company rail with 2 naturally finished white oak timbers.
2. Streamlined Bed Platfrom and footboard made from solid red oak ties for its main features.
3. Streamlined Bench Crafted of solid white oak ties manufactured in 1908, and finished with a dark brown wood stain.
4. 5 Bottle Rail Yard Wine Rack Also available in a larger version. (25 bottles) made from mainline white oak timber.
5. Rail Yard Shelves Made from solid white oak branch line ties, and finished with a Provencial stain.