One Artist Took an Abandoned Building and Renovated It Into a Communal “Rainbow Embassy”

published Jan 9, 2020
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Credit: Justkids

When it comes to color, there are no limits. And in the case of the Rainbow Embassy (yes, embassy), no words ever rang more true.

Located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, the Rainbow Embassy was revealed last month as part of the city’s revitalization project called The Unexpected. The house was created and designed by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel, who collaborated with creative house Justkids to bring the colorful masterpiece to life.

What is now a vibrant piece of architecture was previously a neglected structure adjacent to a junior high school. And so, the creators hope that rejuvenating the abandoned building that’s in close proximity to the school will serve as inspiration to the young residents as well as the community at large.

“I’m incredibly excited and grateful to Justkids and The Unexpected for the opportunity to come back and complete The Rainbow Embassy,” said Miguel in a press release. “This project gave me the possibility to expand on my previous work, adding more architectonic dimension and completing my vision of mythical animals.”

From the front, you can see the projection of rainbows in various patterns: triangles, stripes, and pixels. There’s hardly any blank space on the entire building, with the exception of the occasional white stripe that adds to the effect of the rainbow.

“Rainbow Embassy installation is a beautiful  space of freedom and exchange,  signifying the boundless and  unifying power of art,” said Charlotte Dutoit, Curator and Director of Justkids. “Okuda’s high spirited and immersive works are a true gift of joy to the community, nothing short of a dream come true.”